• You can prepare for college at a community college

    Community colleges offer remedial courses that are non transferable but help you improve on certain subjects such as math, reading , and writing. All this can be accomplished in a year aposed to four years. Hence, high school is a big waste of time for most students. (Two more words needed*)

  • Much of the same

    Much of the subjects covered in university is also covered in high school...Its redundant. Why not just skip the intermediary and apply directly to college? Assuming federal and state regulations for such are repealed, kids are treated more like adults and not coddled. Wanna sleep in class? Fine, but you better study hard and be okay with losing class participation points. Wanna be disruptive? Feel free to leave and don't come back until you're ready to learn. Wanna take a class or two a semester? Fine, but expect to stay for 8 years til graduation rather than 4. Those that want to learn a trade can even go to a 2-year trade college, if they prefer, graduating before they even turn 18.

    On a side note, how can doctors be allowed to be minors (if child geniuses), but teachers guild (for lack of a better term) prevent child geniuses from teaching, even if they possess a doctorate?

  • This is silly

    Yes, it is true that many of the subjects are the same, yet those subjects go MUCH deeper in collage. So i say no, high school IS necessary! Granted that a few people are genius enough to bypass PART of high school, but also for their safety, (the not so genius, 19 year old students, get me?) the extra 2 years are necessary.

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