Skyrim is the best game ever (if you said no put your opinion in the comments)

Asked by: Diego666
  • Slow by intention.

    I love the game because it makes you work for everything how well you play is how well your character levels up (with exception to a few bugs that allowed super fast leveling.). I personally have never enjoyed dark souls though i never gave it a fair chance. But i enjoyed skyrim

  • Its fuckin amazing

    I will support this game tell i die this game has story to the fucking max you will never run out of story never out of side quests i don't care how much they re-release it i will buy it i would by it if it was able to be a mobile game and some people were able to turn into a mobile game and god bless Bethesda it they do that and the DLC is absolutely amazing and going back to morrowind gives elder scrolls fans a nerdgasm i cant wait to play in summerset isles

  • Such a fun game

    Well there is nothing not to like. You get to roam a free world and its not that expensive. There is great graphics. Its pretty hard and its for xbox360 xbox1 ps3 ps4 switch and pc. Think about this, why would Nintendo add a non family friendly to the switch.

  • No hecking way

    Knack 2 baby, okay Knack 2. Easily the best RPG ever made, with the most innovative gameplay with graphics that makes my gigadong teratough, okay. Now let's look at Skyrim, it has shit graphics, it has a shit story, it is derivative of Knack 2, it's color pallet is non-existant, and the classes and shit is racist. Knack 2 isn't racist, it cannot be racist.

  • That game is too boring

    I swear to God i have tried to play it 4-5 times and I just want to die bye the time I slay the first dragon I don't feel all immersed in the game like everybody else cause so much of it is just telling me everywhere to go. Something you should never do in a sandbox game.

  • I've never herd of this game

    I've never herd of this game I've never herd of this game I've never herd of this game Ive never herd of this game Ive never herd of this game Ive never herd of this game Ive never herd of this game That is why i dont like it m.

  • Just because its a good game doesn't mean its the best ever made.

    Doom is a game that revolutionized the gaming industry. Minecraft became one of the best games that ever sold. Cod (at least the old ones) rewrote the fps genre. Skyrim might be one of the best, But bethesda's ignorance to the bugs and glitches in the game meant that modders had to do their dirty work for them.

  • Oblivion is better

    Dark Soul has much better challenges, much better boss fights and better rewards. Not to mention the story can continue even after you die in the game. All the Dark Souls tie in together unlike with the elder
    scrolls where skyrim had nothing to do with the previous game or games before it.

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