• Yes Skyrim is Sky Big

    I laugh at videogames that are not Skyrim, Because they simply do make me laugh. It's funny to me to see a man like a game like Mario vs my superiour Skyrim game. You are the elder of dragons in this game and use your fus ro dah to tame them. Try that in mario! Morons.

  • SKyrim is so very good.

    I love this game. It's go it all! Graphics, Items, Enemies and more! I love to go around the skyrim realm and do things such as: kill enemies, Adventure with companions, Discover tombs, And maybe even fus roh dah! Lol. I really do believe this is the best game on my xbox 360 that i have played and i really love it.

  • Skyrim is the best game of all time.

    Yes, I realize that Skyrim has TONS of flaws, Every game does. Nothing is ever truly perfect. However, I do believe Skyrim to be one of the best, If not the best, Video games of all time. The game has sold incredibly well, With players still roaming the fantastical world of Tamriel to this very day, Over 8 years later. For all of Skyrim's flaws, You cannot deny the beauty that it hides within.

  • Honestly i really lovber sskyirm

    So here is the deal my mom let me only get one game when we went to gamesop for my birthday so i got skymin i don't really get it but its really fun to walk around until i get killed i wanna see a dragon but i really had fun with the game really cool and i get to really be a wizard which is rare in todays types of media, Sad.

  • I'm just not good at skyrim

    Hollow knight, Terraria, Subnatica, A lot, A bit. Skyrim is a good game, But it lacks in story, Combat and skills. Skyrim's sidestories can be incredibly fun, But the main story sucks big wein. The stealth mechanic in this game is also absolutely ridiculous. How can i stand in front of a person and not be seen? Lastly the skills, I have one thing, The speech skilltree

  • Sky rim bad

    This shit didn't hold up to the standards of its predecessor Pacific Rim. . . Makes me throwup looking at their moonshoes recolored as feet, You swing around a toothpick and shoot fire at dragons that remind me of a spyro.
    don't ever make another one cause itll turn out like a spike lee movie

  • Are you kidding me?

    Skyrim is baby shit. That is some googas ass shit. Skyrim has been released more times than I have fingers even and every single time it's the same hold your hand and walk here to do quest baby ass shit. I would rather play Fallout: New Vegas at least that game has cowboy hats without being modded in. F***ing piece of shit.

  • What are the criteria by which we're judging?

    Leading with the assumption that you mean best in terms of your own subjective criteria, It's impossible to make the general statement that it's "the Best Video Game of all Time. "

    To you, It very well may be the best. I'm more partial to Oblivion myself. To answer your question though, No, That's your opinion and not really a matter that can be debated in any substantial way.

  • No it is not

    I prefer super mario bros. , Super mario bros. 3, Super mario world, The legend of zelda: a link to the past, Super metroid, The legend of zelda: ocarina of time, Super mario 64, Castlevania: symphony of the night, Super mario galaxy, Doom, Wolfenstein 3d, Quake, Half-life, Half-life 2, Morrowind, Oblivion, Portal, Portal 2, And minecraft.

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