• Black niggas should feed me

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  • Terms and Conditions apply

    Slavery is good, Because people at least get fed. I am sick of seeing people dying from starvation. I know the past has showed us a lot of bad slavery, People starved and died from being slaves. We could learn from the past and use slavery to bring people out of poverty and starvation.

  • It really depends

    I mean, It's bad. . . Unless you want to build some really cool stuff. Maybe some World Wonders, That kind of stuff.
    There's just empty space here so I'm just gonna say that i am not a racist so white people and black people should be enslaved equally so that race isn't an issue

  • Slavery Is Underrated

    Slavery would be good for the economy. Back in the days of early USA, Compare the wealthy Lowcountry of South Carolina to the poor, Powerless backcountry. The reason? Slavery. The Lowcountry had more slaves and thrived. Generations of white people had great lives from slavery, But then they criminalized slavery and made it so us whites actually had to do work, Rendering the making and building up of plantations over many years useless. The Africans that were enslaved had been captured by other, Stronger Africans and were spared and given to us. If anything, We were doing them a favor, But how do they repay us? By becoming free. They still talk shit about their ancestors being enslaved so they should be compensated. All those entitled bastards do anyway is take the hard workers' tax money and use it to have 5 children at 16, Get on Obamacare, And beg for sympathy. Even Trump isn't enough to fix all of this.

  • Provided its equal

    Yes, It violates basic human rights and strips people of their individualism. Yes its a undeniably horrible act. Who cares! I WANT MY OWN FRIGGIN PYRAMIDS! We have to make sure that it is non discriminate tho. I mean, Slavery and abuse, Fine, But discrimination? That crosses the line. Equal amounts of black and white slaves.

  • Yea i think

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  • Slavery is a crime against humanity

    Slavery is an exploitation and degradation of human beings. It is a direct violation of our inalienable rights. It is a practice coined by narrow minded and hateful people that saw human beings as nothing more than cattle. These people separated children from their families and sold people off auctions. They had absolutely no remorse or guilt in what they did. That's why we must always be educated about those dark times so that we don't make the same mistakes again. You know what they say, History repeats itself.

  • Slavery is human cruelty

    Slavery in any form is not allowed and it is so cruel plus it is breaking the universal declaration of human rights article 4 look:Article 4
    No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be
    prohibited in all their forms. So people whom of which accept slaves are the most idiotic stupid people in the world!

  • Obviously it's bad.

    In most parts of the world, Some form of slavery existed and to an extent, It still does in some parts. Sure, Legal slavery is no more but there is still an illegal trade as well as other forms of slavery.

    In the U. S. Slavery was officially made illegal after the civil war but later came other forms and offenders. What I find odd is that the democrats are actually endorsing forms of slavery today. They know that an illegal immigrant can't expect minimum wage (what is suppose to be the minimum living wage) yet instead of either stopping illegal immigration or busting the businesses who profit from their cheap labor, They want them to keep on coming in to pick their fruit/vegetables, Mow their laws, And do the hard labor on construction sites. As justification, They point to how many of the farmers need them to harvest the crops. That without this cheap labor source, The farm industry in their counties would collapse. Maybe them justifying a type of slavery isn't that odd because they used the same excuse for slavery before the Civil War. They needed the slaves to pick cotton and tobacco for the same reason. Thing is, Farming in the south survived due mainly to mechanization. Thing is, Just as it helped the south survive, It could do the same for the farms today. All over the central U. S. Machinery has been used to harvest things from cranberries to trees so coming up with a way to harvest these other fruits and vegetables would also be doable. This would allow the farmers to keep their costs low and help end this form of slavery. Another type of slavery that bringing in illegals causes is human trafficking. The cartels bring people over on credit but hold them till the debt is paid with interest. They get rented out as workers or prostitutes but also charge them for living in a cramped house to the extent it will be a long time, If ever, They make enough to be set free.

  • Slavery is unacceptable

    In the past, Slavery is very common in America. However, In this century, When computers, Phones, And other electric stuff is everywhere to be seen, How can there still be doubt about the disadvantages of slavery? It takes the slaves freedom just because they are poor and not educated enough --- what a ridiculous reason!

  • Slavery is totally no bueno

    Slavery has killed or tortured many millions of people even in recent times and their only crime had been that they were at the wrong place on Earth. It really saddens me so many are saying it was a good thing. Would any of you honestly be able to say to some child slave's face that it was good that they are being enslaved?

  • Slavery was inherently evil and immoral

    Must we even ask this basic question? Slavery was a crime. White people owe African Americans an apology for rape torture mutilation and genocide perpetrated against it by whites. . Our society inevitably looked at itself in shame and realized slavery could no longer be tolerated, It made white people in the south lazy. . Look at them now how messed up they are, My god they play with guns and marry their sisters. . And traumatized black culture. . . We need to stop asking stupid questions accept our mistakes and move the hell on.

  • Newsflash; it's 2018.

    Okay, This shouldn't even be something people are debating. Slavery is terrible. It's something that should never happen and shouldn't have ever happened! Remember that black people weren't the only people enslaved. Native American and Jews were both enslaved just to give an example. GOD CREATED US TO BE EQUAL. He didn't want/plan for us to beat and rape and kill each other because someone's better than someone else BECAUSE OF THEIR SKIN COLOR. We shouldn't see each other's skin color; but our personality's.

  • Harm, Hate, Unsuportive

    The people that have the other people as slaves is just lazy and make other people do work. Another reason is because there is usually harm while slavery. The slaves usually do not get what they NEED but the owner get what they WANT. That is all the reasons why i think slavery is bad.

  • The far tree

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  • No doubt about it

    Slavery violates standards of decency to a massive extent. How can we still be asking this question in the 21st century? How can you treat another person as property and think it is morally permissible? It's not! To practice slavery diminishes our humanity. And to enslave another person reduces them to an object and strips them of their dignity.

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