• Facebook Is A Mess

    I hate Facebook. They went too far when they started up, however, now we know the true intentions of the app. Slingshot may be their nail in the coffin, at least I hope it is. I think there are too many people who don't understand the implications of social media.

  • I don't want to have to respond.

    Yes, Facebook has gone too far this time with the Slingshot App, because I don't want to use an App that forces me to have to respond in order to view a message. Sometimes there are good reasons to not want to talk to someone. If it's more than just fun and games, you should have the chance to opt out.

  • Yes, Slingshot is too derivative.

    Facebook has really changed the way people communicate. In some ways, it has been innovative, though perhaps to the detriment of society. But it shouldn't do things that are derivative of others' work, and this one appears to be a copy of Snapchat. Because this isn't really connected to Facebook, it also leads one to believe that Facebook is hoping to become more of a brand than a specific website, which is, in many ways, disappointing to those of us who don't care for it to begin with.

  • Its a business

    No one is forcing you to use slingshot. Its a gimmick that will entertain an audience who is interested in the presented idea. Personally, i will not use this slingshot. I dont use facebook either, and that is my free will. If you don't like a product, dont use it

  • Consumers Will Use What is Convenient

    Snapchat is a brand which is a large player in the area of picture based social media, while Facebook may try it's hardest to beat it, I find it hard to believe that they would be able crush such a widely used app with something that does essentially the same thing. Social media is a fluid market and totally at the hands of the consumer. If Snapchat keep doing what they've done so well in the past, I don't think they have anything to fear.

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