• Yes, water belongs to all

    Yes, water belongs to all. I believe free access to water is one of the basic human rights. If we start limiting or prohibiting access to such basic needs, what is next? Air that we breathe? Who we are dating? Such actions lead to fascism and dystopian world. Every state should follow this great example that Slovenia set before us.

  • Yes i agree.

    Water should be a fundamental right for everyone. This is because it is a natural resource that is so abundant and covers the most part of the earth's surface. Therefore i support Slovenia's water. I believe that the government should be responsible for ensuring that every citizen has access to water since it is a fundamental right.

  • Yes, water is a fundamental right for all.

    Yes, water is a fundamental right for all because it is necessary to survive. If someone is not able to drink water, he or she will not survive for long. Everyone needs a chance to get clean drinking water, and it should be a top priority of many governments to increase availability.

  • Yes, water should be a right for everyone.

    Yes, water should be a guaranteed right for everyone. It is a natural resource of the Earth and should be available to everyone who inhabits the planet. In addition, it is a basic necessity of life, making it a human right, as in "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

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