• Slow and steady does win

    The too strong like Andre fall back and loose but the under dog who is Timothy always wins. Andre gets drunk and slow and thinks he can win but he is not intelligent enough to know that he is to dumb for Timothy who sneaks to win the race and Andre losses.

  • Slow And Steady Does Win

    Slow and steady does in fact win the race. Those who go out too strong too early fall back and those who don't stay steady throughout will fall back as well. Slow and steady doesn't really mean to go slow though, it simply means to pace yourself and prepare for things.

  • Because it does

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  • Slow and Steady Wins

    The consistency all adds up, and you build up momentum. That "slow" pace can slowly start elevating to a faster pace. Just make sure you don't stop at any time. Also, going slow allows you to think and plan. It's better than rushing in without a plan, messing up, then starting all over from square zero again.

  • I agree with steady pace

    I believe that slow is fast and that's what most people fail to grasp. When you learn piano you start slow and gradually gain speed, same thing with typing, and pretty much any other skill.
    It's good to just start and maintain a speed which is sustainable and gradually your stamina and speed increase.

  • In this day and age slow and steady will not win the race

    When going up against the prevailing "fast and advanced" slow and steady will be left in the dust. While slow and steady will be still reliable and going along there very likely will be no real chance for slow and steady to win anything more then a participant ribbon or "thanks for coming" trophy. Because while everyone is a winner in this day in age there really is only one top finisher.

  • Slow rarely wins

    The argument that slow but steady wins the race is based on a parable to teach children patience and keep them from rushing. In reality, the second to move almost always is the one to lose, and being first on a scene or in a market will, except in exceptional circumstances, will almost guarantee success.

  • In this generation of competition no would think about slow and steady.

    If anyone wants to win the race in life in today's world he wouldn't be counting upon his rival's weakness. I personally would not. One who is quick and loud enough to be heard often gets the attention first. Do all racers, swimmers and runners believe in this statement ?

  • No it doesn't because take a look at sam Clifford he wins everything

    Sam Clifford is a fast runner and he can run very fast because he is not slow and just runs all the way to the finish line and wins every time so yeah if you think slow and steady wins the race your brain is a bit stupid just saying

  • Let's keep this "real"

    Talking metaphorically speaking is true but welcome back to the real world. One just can't simply win because of it's speed but because of other unlikely circumstances. For example, a competitor in a race which collapses and gets severe injury forcing the slower player to win.
    Overall, reality is the key and truth to a more achievable succession.

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Eithaw says2017-03-24T10:00:12.550
We don't need to go slowly or fast. The thing is as long as we put the effort in it we won't never left behind.