Smaller schools better than larger schools: Are there better teachers in smaller schools?

  • Bigger classrooms make teachers more irritable

    When I went to school in a large town, the teachers punished us unfairly. I don't blame them, dealing with 50 first-graders must be hard. When I went to school in a very small town, only one or two teachers were rude to us, because each class was only around 15 kids.

  • Are Smaller Schools Better Because They Have Better Teachers?

    Are smaller schools better that larger schools? If so is it because they have better teachers? I believe that in many cases smaller schools may be better than larger schools but not necessarily because their teachers are better. I think a key factor is the student to teacher ratio. In smaller schools the teachers have more time to devote to helping each child learn. It is each student's access to more one- on-one attention from teachers that makes a better school.

  • Teacher quality varies.

    The quality of teachers varies from school to school no matter what the size of the school is. It all depends on the professionalism of the teachers and not what school they are teaching at. Smaller schools does not necessarily mean better teachers and same thing goes for larger schools.

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