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  • No, credit cards will never be hack proof

    No, I don't believe that credit cards will ever be hack proof. Despite claims that smart credit cards will be impossible to hack I think that, on the contrary that hackers will soon find a way to compromise the security systems in place. Most claims like this throughout history have always been proved wrong and I don't believe that this case will be any different.

  • Hackers Are Super Smart

    I doubt that credit cards will ever be completely hack-proof. If there is a way to make it, there is a way to break it. Hackers are some of the smartest and most creative people on the planet. They will find a way to break through any code or security. The only thing I think they might have to do is bio-imprinting or some sort of thing where you have to have a live, warm, fingerprint, retinal scan or saliva droplet to open the card. That sounds crazy, though! Science fiction, here we come.

  • No, they won't be.

    There is no such thing as perfect technology especially when it is produced and managed by humans. If a human can make it then a human can hack it. There is not a security system strong enough to keep people out who devote their whole lives to trying to get in.

  • No, in fact, it will become easier to hack credit cards.

    As technology changes and evolves, those with credit cards are constantly fearing what will happen to their money. There are computer programs that can compute billions of lines of data and can combine any string of numbers to create a viable credit card number. Social security numbers are required to sign up for a credit card, and this information can be easily taken with a virus. There are even devices that can be used to make a copy of a magnetic strip from a credit card. With more and more people banking and paying online, this makes it more possible to hack a credit card. There are some cards with RFID chips that generate a new CVV code when used, but the card number is still traceable and the information can be changed to have it sent to other email addresses and phone numbers.

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