Smart people buy generic brands: Do you think name brand products are better?

  • Yes, I believe they are.

    I think for almost all foods name brand products are of a higher quality than generic products. No matter how many times I want to save some money and buy generic I can always taste a difference right away. Whether it's the taste or how long the product stays fresh I think name brands are the way to go.

  • Name brands aren't necessarily worth it

    Generic or private label items can be manufactured on the exact same assembly line and machinery by the same robots or people with similar or exact same components and ingredients. If these items are submitted to the same rigorous testing and must adhere to the same standard for quality, as well as being back by satisfaction guarantees from the labeler, then I believe name brand products are no better.

  • It Really Depends

    Name brand versus generic really depends on what you're buying. In some cases paying a little more is better, while others you're just wasting. A good example where you can save is with something like Ibuprofen. It doesn't matter what the brand on the bottle is, you're still buying ibuprofen.

  • Better is subjective.

    In the cases of food or clothing, a slight amount of quality may be sacrificed in the name of providing a very similar product to the consumer cheaper. People's tastes are different, so many people may prefer the taste of certain generic foods to brand name ones. In the case of medicine (as the picture implies), they only way a generic drug can be released as the generic form of a name brand drug is to not only be able to out perform a placebo in in trials, but also be just as effective as the brand. In fact some generics are made by the same companies that make the brand, they just put two different labels on the bottles and charge different prices for them. The reason brand name drugs are more expensive is because that is the company that put forth the investment in the development of the drug, so they are given a time period for the patent where no one else can make a generic so they can recoup some of that money. Once a generic does come out years later, they don't decrease the price much because people will pay more thinking that if it costs more, it must work better.

  • Generalization is the wrong approach here

    Generic and Name brands mean very different things when it comes to different products and markets. There is no use comparing generic cereal with generic drugs or generic jeans brands.

    Being a name brand CAN mean a lot because some brands have use the higher budget to pay and produce more ethically and have more resources to spent on research and development.

    However is this an idealistic approach. And it rarely found in reality, where brand jeans are as likely to be made with cheap labor under conditions that defy human rights as far as possible.

    If you buy brands and expect automatically that you made the better choice for your health and your morals you are severely wrong, because generic brands are able to keep their cost down with the insane amount they produce and sell simultaneously. The more you sell, the cheaper it is for you to produce it in the first place. The less you spent on marketing and design the more you can invest otherwise. Economy 101.

    This doesn't mean that generic brands are ALWAYS the better choice. Usually you don't know what is behind a generic brand you are basically unable to find out on your own. This is a clear disadvantage if you want to ensure you are not funding certain unmoral behavior.

    To go brand or not to is a decision most wisely made individually for every purchase and product, because the one way you are certainly going to make the wrong decision, is to assume there is right one.

  • Most generic brands are just as good as name brands.

    I have bought generic brand foods for years. There are a few food that I will only purchase as the name brand because the generics of those food just aren't as good, but there are only a few. The vast majority of generic brands are as good if not better then the name brands. Not to mention they are much cheaper and save me a lot of money.

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