• Yes, They are...

    Smart phones are keeping people in their house no doing a thing good for their life or others. Yes, smart phones do have some good resources like a quick calculator and phone calls but, people have been getting addicted to them. People are relying on our smart phones to much people need to stop relying on a little piece of metal and plastic. Like instead of looking it up on google look it up in a book. Smart phones are ruining our world little by little.

  • I say it does...

    ...For the following reason. Everywhere I go, I can't help but look at what everyone around me is doing. Most people I see today are on the "smart"phones looking through Facebook, Twiiter, etc. My question to you is: If it's a nice sunny day, would you rather spend most of that time outside socializing with friends, laughing and having a good time, or communicating to a inanimate object?

    Posted by: S.K
  • Yeah, they are...

    Smart phones like any other technology distracts us and gets us addicted, more and more as they keep developing it keeps us from doing quite a lot of things especially for teenagers, they get too caught up with their phones instead of grabbing a book and reading. I mean come on, from how i see, we're actually more into smart phones like who's got the latest phone, app and stuff and then we become lazy when it comes to school work

  • Yes they are

    The "Look up" Video is a good example of why they are bad. We don't know how to handle them properly we get self absorbed and cut our selves off from being social with other humans and miss opportunities. No kids out playing anymore all sitting inside playing on their phones

  • Absolutely positively yes

    1. They increase the complexity of casual communication
    2. They cost too much
    3. They are unhealthy (literally)
    4. They add emotional baggage to every day life
    5. They are annoying
    6. People use them in rude ways
    7. They make the world too small
    8. Like the internet, they allow too many people to have an opinion
    9. They are intrusive to personal privacy and they allow countless corporations to enter your life
    10. They allow people to have too much information at their fingertips

  • They've helped connect our world

    As stated in a previous entry, excess of anything is bad. For a minority of people, cell phones are a distraction to everyday life.

    But for most people, they provide a convenient source of entertainment, communication, and unlimited information. The Internet has enabled our world to share information and connect worldwide, and cell phones have made it more readily available than ever before. It allows people to easily organize their lives on one device, and allows them to keep in touch with far off friends/ relatives or to contact anyone for business or pleasure with the touch of a button.

    One final benefit. Now, anyone can immediately dial 911 from anywhere, instead of running around frantically for a car phone or pay phone.

  • Now everything else looks like a damn smartphone. . .

    Smartphones are mediocre phones, And TERRIBLE computers - and are INSANELY overpriced. Now their horrid User Interface (UI) is spreading to everything else, Including cars! Never mind that most people are glued to their "device" 24/7/365. And where did this idiotic "texting" nonsense come from? Send me a damn email!

  • Mobil devices are ruining the world.

    Ppl have stopped talking to each because of text. Stores are closing partly because of mobil shopping. Ppl die EVERYDAY from using their mobil devices while driving. As much as they have made us "together" they have torn us apart from each other. They should all be destroyed. They are ruining the environment from bad disposal practices. So much money is wasted on them

  • They dominate us

    Smart phones dictate what we do. Sometimes we do unsafe things, Such as check messages, Facebook, Etc. While driving or working. They interfere with our better judgment and have resulted in traffic accidents and workplace errors. People don't bother to get to know each other at work anymore. They are glued to their phones and isolate. We should not succumb and buy them anymore. Life was just fine without them.

  • They literally suck

    Before people would actually talk like normal human beings. Now there isn't any family, No togetherness, Because everyone is on their stupid phones. In the nineties people were like, Together, And family actually knew each other, But not anymore. It sucks a lot, And it needs to change before it is too late.

  • Some people can't handle technology. That's why you get ideas like this.

    The problem of people thinking technology is evil is sometimes, at best, an opinion formes on the basis of the negative experiences of a handful of people. Many adults see evidence of the misuse of technology in their daily lives or hear about it on the news and are given such a negative impression of smartphones. But all the while, people who have grown up around technology like smartphones and embraced it know that these stories are ridiculous!

    Technology is not evil; the only reason people think it is is because some people either:
    1) Don't understand how to use technology positively.
    2) Can't seem to strike the balance between healthy, productive exposure and obsession or isolation.

    Being around these people or having similar negative experiences gives off since a false impression of how technology like smartphones affect people.

    The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of technology users, including young people, are using technology sensibly for entertainment, research and communication. The majority of young people and adults are able to encourporate technology and social media into their lives without being obsessive or losing the ability to communicate. Yet the only technology users you hear about are the ones who can't strike the balance, who can't self regulate and can't handle what has been given to them. You've seen extremist Catholics, do they represent Christianity? No! So why do people presume that the stories of a handful of people and their families somehow applies to everyone who uses mobile devices or lives around someone who does?

    Apart from anything else, technology gaves us the Interent, and the Internet is a wildly innovative place! Nowadays, more people than ever are using platforms like YouTube, Twitter, WordPress and Tumblr to improve their lives and the lives of others. Is it possible for anybody to view that as a bad thing?

    Yet still, people are exposed to the negative faces of the technology: obsession, antisocial behabiour, cyber suicides, cyber bullying and technophobic promo videos. They don't stop to consider that these are only opinions based on the experiances of a few people; even if you share that opinion, that doesn't mean it applies to everyone and that doesn't make it right.

    People always need something to blame for the bad things that happen, right?

    I really wish that people would stop using the Internet as a scapegoat and start at least attempting to understand what it's really all about (and no, forming an opinion based on the headlining story of 'Good Moms' magazine cannot be justified). Come on, if you seriously believe that all modern technology is corrupting masses of portable loneliness and bad influence, you've really been reading far too many magazines... Or been surfing the Internet on your mobile phone too much?

    Technophobes, I implore you: Get out into the real world and SEE how people are REALLY using technology before you trample it into the ground with the sole of your righteousness and old-fashioned values!

  • They are assisting mankind

    To have knowledge, connection, and support at the touch of a finger is not only a technological innovation, but really thinking about it, it is a great thing to have. To stay in connection with people from far away is a very great thing in this world. I don't own a phone personally, but I understand the importance of smartphones to others, and highly respect that.

  • Excess of anything is bad

    The advantages are one can read news, blogs and stay connected to the world at the same time. They are a great source of information. But people complain that the information it provides just becomes trivia and cuts people off the surroundings. One needs to limit the exposure to smartphone and maintain a balance between digital and personal life.

  • Like many things, they have their pro's and con's

    There are pro's and con's associated with many things. For example: Saturated fat has been known to cause cholesterol problems but it has also been known to aid some vitamin absorption. What I am trying to say is that I do not think that smart phones are 'ruining our world' as such. Some people may use them excessively and/or for bad purposes but SOME people are not ALL people. The good outweighs the bad in many cases.

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