• Smokers getting free treatment is a good thing because it is human right. Well by providing them free health the quality of health in country develops

    The fault is in smokers hands because in whole over the world hospitals, Security forces and others who have experienced drugs have advised not use them but people do not care and they smoke knowing the bad results. However the health institutions and the government suffers a lot in financially and the ones who are spending millions in private hospitals suffer because of treating smokers for nothing. Even though they get treated they do not want to get away from smoking, They just continue it and die. Talking about human rights, It is human responsibility to protect their precious life.

  • Save the stupids

    Save the stupids who smoke nwhat to bee harsh or stuf but they need the hepl. They are actually stupid because it will lower their life expectancy and they will die because they stupid. Save the stupids who smoke nd heopf ully they will do something not stupid. Save the supids save for tupdiss( typed at 150 words per mnute. 34% accuracy )

  • Yes, Smokers should not get free health treatment.

    This is because it is a person's choice to smoke, Not others. So, If such thing were to be enabled, Everybody would start to smoke, Wouldn't they? Because we all love 'free stuff'. Hence, Smoking is not only bad for your health, But also those around you. Article 25 of the Declaration of Human Rights states, 'We have a right to health, Food, Clothing and housing. ' But should we really be spending our money and time dedicating 'free treatment' to people who are endangering the Earth? And should we really be accommodating to people who smoke, Which is entirely for their pleasure. And when smokers know that they'll be receiving 'free treatment', Won't they just continue to smoke more and more, Knowing that they'll receive 'free treatment'?

  • It's their fault

    If they did not want to have so many medical bills they should not have smoked. It's also their fault for wasting their money on cigarettes if they did not smoke then they would not be in that mess and if the did not feed their addiction they would have enough money.

  • Free for nobody.

    First off, I do not support the idea of free health care for all for two main reasons.
    1) The cost of the program would be equal to if not more than our entire national budget. If you don't like the amount of taxes you pay now, What would you think if they doubled?
    2) Government funded = Government controlled. They would have every right to tell you what doctor you can go to and what treatment(s), If any, Are allowed. You want an example of what that would look like then just look at the existing government funded medical care know as the VA hospitals. Ask a veteran who's only medial coverage is the VA. My dad was a vet. But he chose to pay for his own medical coverage.

    Tho it should never be government funded, Smokers should have equal rights to it. Many in opposition say things like "It was their choice to smoke". Does this mean people that don't eat perfectly healthy food should also be denied health care? After all, They chose to risk having heart problems. People make choices every day that could effect their lives. They chose to drive so they should not be treated for the injuries that resulted. They chose to have sex so they should not be allowed prenatal treatment. Basically, Just about anything that could put you in the hospital is directly linked to a decision you made so should that be a denying factor in heath care?

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  • Stop soming further

    Cuz they should understand the importance of life befre they take any further action to smoke this would teach them a good lesson. If people understand this than smoking would never exist. Sadly our world has been never evoloving any further because of this mental statement of removing stress. Thanks

  • Should Still Be Free, But Tax Tobacco to Pay For It

    It should still be free, But tobacco taxes should help to pay for it.

    Refusing free healthcare because of smoking is a slippery slope. Want to climb rocks? Go skydiving? Climb Mount Everest? Pretty soon we have no free choices left.

    Besides not getting healthcare means lost productivity and if the person dies it will hurt their friends and family.

    We can recuperate the increased costs with a tax on tobacco.

  • It is their own foolish decision to smoke and endanger their health.

    It is no longer a little known fact that smoking cause more harm than good. Anyone who smokes does so at their own very foolhardy risk, And if they, As a result, Get health problems, It is because of their own foolishness! America is not yet a socialistic country, And I hope it never becomes one; but if we give free healthcare to people who are wasting their health smoking, That's definitely a step in that direction.

  • All their fault

    Honestly, They're the people being stupid and wasting thar moneies on smokie sticks. Sorry for me very bad engleish. I think the govement should not waste moneyies on people who waste their moneies on smokie sticks. It is their fault tahat they choose waste moneies on smokie sticks. They pay for smokie sticks, They pay for thar owne tretment. Again, Sory for me bad english.

  • Because they shouldn't

    They chose to smoke they get to pay

    since they were smoking that was their decision and because of that they instead of buying more cigarettes they should by health care of there own health so they pay for there health and should take Chantix to stop smoking. See what i mean

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