Smoking ban on public patios: Is banning smoking on public patios popular?

  • Non smokers shouldn't be forced to breath in smoke on patios.

    Non smokers should have the right to be at non smoking patios but smokers currently have the right to smoke outside in public places therefore non smokers have no choice but to move away from those places patios, bus stops, etc... E-cigarettes is a solution but people are still addicted to nicotine and there is still a lot of research to be done regarding side effects.

  • With most people

    The fact of the matter is people that don't smoke don't like being near people who do. It's part of the business, companies have a right to push smoking away from the building if they don't want to be associated with it. Few people would argue, and fairly or not the ones saying it's unfair would be ignored.

  • People are more health-conscious today

    Yes, I think banning smoking on public patios is a popular measure because people have become more health-conscious. Everyone knows the harms of smoking and second-hand smoking. Of course, the measure will not be popular with those who smoke, but the majority of the public appreciates it. No one wants to get lung cancer.

  • It's not popular.

    I am not a smoker and I don't really want to be around smokers, but if it's out in the open then I don't see why you can't be able to smoke on a patio. Smoking is not illegal and you have the right to do it. You can't smoke inside so might as well smoke outdoors.

  • Trying to ban what people do on their own property would not be popular

    To create and enforce a ban on people smoking on their own patios would be a very unpopular decision. People have the right to do what they want, no matter how unhealthy their choices are, when they are on their own property. This ban would be a little too much government interference in the life of the average American and would not be widely supported.

  • Banning smoking on public patios is not popular.

    Banning smoking on public patios is not popular. After the smoking ban inside most establishments, I feel most businesses should provide a place where their customers can smoke without the fear of being judged and most of these businesses are providing an outdoor area for this. Taking this away from someone is not right and will just decrease the business customer amounts.

  • Smoking is Fine Outside

    Banning smoking in certain indoor areas makes sense because the enclosed space and lack of ventilation means the smoke will affect others adversely, however banning smoking outside is taking it too far. In outdoor areas with plenty of ventilation there is no reason that smoking should affect others in the area, and a ban is just another attempt to control behavior unnecessarily.

  • Banning smoking on public patios is NOT popular

    The ban on smoking on public patios is too specific, hence why I believe it isn't popular. In order to make this debate more valid and qualitative we would need to have grounds on how to interpret public and private patios without the direct involvement of officials. We would need to have certain zones where there is a certain amount of public traffic to place certain bans on smoking on public patios. I don't think its that popular because of how narrowly defined the subject is in essence to smoking in public in totality.

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