Smoking ban on public patios: Should cities ban smoking on public restaurant and bar patios?

  • Smoking Infringes on Others

    Smoking should be banned as the act of smoking is inherently intrusive (wafting smoke, smell) to non-smokers in the same area. The negative health effects of 2nd hand smoke are well documented, and people who choose not to smoke should not have to be exposed to accommodate thise who do.

  • Smoking In Restaurants Is Nasty

    I believe that cities should ban smoking in public restaurant patios. Being a smoker, I have come to realize that smoking in a restaurant is generally a bad thing. I prefer not to do it and I'm sure the people around me are thankful. Illinois already has a ban that implements this type of ban and I find it to be a decent ban.

  • You already kicked us outside.

    Cities should not ban smoking on public restaurant and bar patios. These areas are outside and do not get to the people who do not want to be around smoke. Smokers have already had to jump through hoops to have the rights they should have to smoke. Telling them they can not smoke is unlawful.

  • It's a good area

    As long as smoking remains banned inside public places, such as restaurants for example, I do not have a problem with smokers being allowed to get their nicotine in outside of bars and restaurants on the patios. At least they are not smoking inside and at this point, people know that is where all of the smoke will be.

  • No they should not.

    While I do not agree with smoking in public places under usual circumstances, I do not think at restaurants and bar patios it is needed. Usually only other smokers are in that area so at least it is more controlled and means only other smokers will be exposed to it.

  • Cities Should Not Ban Smoking Outside

    Cities should not ban smoking on outdoor public restaurant bars and patios. Smokers used to be able to smoke inside, an American hobby rooted in history. Two generations ago smoking indoors was acceptable, until Americans learned about the adverse health effects. Smokers today frequent bars and restaurants, and those establishments which allow smoking outdoors will likely increase their profits by setting an atmosphere which promotes a social attitude and past time.

  • Cities should not ban smoking on public restaurant and bar patios.

    Cities should not ban smoking on public restaurant and bar patios. We eliminated smoking in most public places but as long as people are allowed to smoke then we should provide them with that. If we do ban these areas then the profit that these businesses make will decline as more smokers choose to stay at home.

  • No, Profits will be significantly reduced.

    Smoking should not be banned on restaurant patios due to the fact that it will significantly reduce profit to the restaurant owners. Many restaurants have dropped in sales since there was a ban on the indoor "smoking section" so banning smoking outside would only further reduce that drop in revenue.

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