Smoking ban: Should all forms of smoking be banned?

  • Governments raise prices on sugary drinks why not with cigarettes?

    Governments raise prices on sugary drinks why not with cigarettes? This doesn't make sense, why not make the packs smaller with less in them raise the prices even more, they are effecting innocent, and killing them all the same as well as them, but dragging them along with them. Why?

  • First Hand Smokers Shouldn't Be Forcing Second Hand Smoking to the Innocent

    First hand smokers could be killing lots of people because of second hand smoking. To a smoker or anyone near them it could cause cataracts ( ones in eyes ), fragile bones, fatigue, different types of cancer, AML leukemia, and death. Smoking is one of the most preventable deaths in the world, so of course BAN IT!

  • Second hand smoke should not be forced on non smokers

    Smoking kills smokers and non smokers alike, with all the toxins in them. It has been known for approx 50 years that smoking can cause cancer and heart disease, so why do smokers still insist they don't harm anyone? If smokers won't give up for their own health, then why not save the money you are just burning?

  • Second hand smoke is horrible

    Second hand smoke is killing inocent people. Its effecting the lifes of many. Especially infant. And if murder is illegal then second hand smoke is murder. There for smoking shoukd be illegal.If your a smoker and u have children. You could be kiling them and not even know it. It would save the lifes of many. Including smokers

  • A government must strive for public health

    It is inevitable that damaging products will be controlled and eventually phased out, look at opium historically.
    All products that cause harm will eventually be prohibited from high salt & sugar levels in foods to inhaling smoke particles intentionally.
    This would be welcomed by most people I think if the right support was in place to address why people are self harming.

  • No, that would cause problems.

    People do not react well to having something taken away from them, especially on that large of a scale. It would create more violence, probably more break ins and thefts, and create drug lords that distribute the cigarettes and other forms of smoking. Overall it would not end well for anyone.

  • No, all forms of smoking shouldn't be banned.

    Depending on the substance being smoked, the place it is smoked, and who is smoking it (they should be adults), it would be unreasonable to simply ban all smoking. Smoking has been part of the human experience since the beginning of civilization; not only this, but smoking say cigarettes or methamphetamine isn't the same thing as smoking cannabis or organic tobacco.

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