• Smokers harm many people.

    Smokers harm the people they are near with their secondhand smoke. They also harm the people they love by poisoning their life and causing all sorts of diseases in their body. The harm that they cause the entire population is hard to be calculated. Because of their choice to smoke they drive up insurance rates and clog hospitals. Willingly. It's selfish.

  • Smokers can harm others through neglect

    Although a responsible smoker who smokes away from the public and does not allow anyone to come into contact with their second hand smoke, there are irresponsible smokers who smoke around children and others which can harm their health. It is a fact that inhaling second hand smoke can be harmful to those with weak lungs.

  • Because you can get the effects of second hand smoke when your around them smoking.

    Also there should be more apartment complexes banning smoking in their buildings because you get second hand smoke come through the vents.I don't even want to breathe someones second hand smoke when you see a number of them outside or walk past them.Some smokers don't even care what harm their doing to others.

  • I say Yes! 😃

    I say yes because Smokers are really dangerous! They can harm your children or something! What if your children got harmed what would u do? If you smoke A lot you can get old that's what people say and I think it is true it's also a commercial SO SMOKERS DO HARM OTHER PEOPLE AND YOURS KIDS!

  • Smokers Harm Other People

    Yes, smokers harm other people. While a smoker should be allowed to place whatever substance she or he wishes into her or his body, smokers cause substantial damage to those around them via second hand smoke. Second hand smoke has been proven to have detrimental effects to those around a smoker.

  • Yes, second hand smoke is real.

    Yes, smokers harm other people, because second-hand smoke is a serious problem for people who are forced to be around smokers. This is especially a big problem for children whose parents smoke in the home. The children will have to breath the smoke, and will have many of the same health problems as the smokers will have.

  • Smokers do not harm others.

    Whenever someone is smoking a person almost always has the option to leave the area. If they stay in the area with the smoker then they are the responsible for any damages incurred by inhaling the smoke. It is as simple as that. Unless they are a child, the person around the smoke is in complete control of whether to stay or not.

  • Not In General

    In general, I do not believe smokers harm other people. As a smoke, I attempt to take other people's consideration into thought. There are times when my companions may inhale second hand smoke, but I try to keep that as minimal as possible. People who smoke are not out to hurt other people.

  • Smokers do not harm other people.

    Smokers do not harm other people. We have already pushed the smoking ban in most public places and gave smokers an outside patio in most places to smoke. Now we want to take that away from them too. This would just hurt the businesses but I have always thought if you do not want to be around it then move away from it.

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