Smoking: Should government target cigarette makers?

  • Yes, take the iniative to end it all

    It will never ever happen seeing as big tobacco producers basically are feeding the government by creating an addictive product they can legally sell and tax extremely high, and they create health problems which costs money for med bills so there's more money. The whole government could easily ban cigs but keeping a large group of people dependent on something that will kill them is something the government wants because it means more money.

  • Yes, Government Should Target Cigarette Makers

    It is my belief that the government should target cigarette production companies to help curb smoking. Rather than simple regulation, the government should treat cigarette makers as a danger to public health, given the overwhelming evidence toward the negative effects of smoking. Simple content regulation will not help, as cigarette makers may seek to alter their recipe to even more dangerous levels to comply and save money at the same time.

  • Going after the wrong people.

    Government should not target cigarette makers any more than they should target the smokers. It is wrong for the government to continue meddling in our lives. It is wrong for the government to put a higher tax rate on cigarettes and alcohol purchasers. When did the government become our moral police? The government does not know what is best for the people. Let the people decide for themselves. People know the dangers of smoking. Quit blaming the manufacturers and allow the people to pay consequences for their own actions.

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