Smoking: Should governments restrict smoking to protect smokers?

  • Smoking Kills, Increases Health Care Costs

    Smoking kills people, plain and simple. The health care costs associated with inhaling carcinogens for decades are staggering. The job of government is to protect the people, even it is from the people themselves. The costs of buying cigarettes can go towards food, clothing, housing and more. Just think how much happier people would be if they had more food instead of daily treatments and oxygen tanks just so smokers can breathe normally in their 70s. Good health is a civil right too.

  • Yes, more smoking bans should be enacted.

    Personally, I believe that as many smoking restrictions that can be made, should be made. It can be difficult to quit a habit, but if people are forced to do so, it might help. Making it so that people can only smoke in their own homes, not outside, not in public buildings, and the like would force people to stop smoking for the entire duration of the school or work day, which could possibly help them kick the habit.

  • Smoking is a habit that should be strictly regulated

    Smoking is a dangerous and damaging habit that provides no benefits to society. All that it does is destroy the smokers, their families, and the people that have to inhale the second hand smoke. Because of this I believe that there should be more government intervention: pleasure taxes on cigarettes, more restrictions on where smoking is allowed, and so on. Get smoking out of the country.

  • Yes, governments should restrict smoking to protect smokers.

    I believe that governments should restrict smoking to protect smokers. Smoking is so bad for your health. Hard core smokers have a hard time quitting their habit. Any government intervention would be in their best interests. Non-smoking restaurants and hotels are a huge step in the right direction to protect both smokers and non-smokers.

  • No they should not restrict smoking.

    The government should not restrict smoking in order to prevent smoking. The more you tell a smoker they can not smoke the more they are going to feel denied their rights and crave the cigarette they are told they can not have. I never saw people smoking at bus stops until it was banned and they could no longer smoke there.

  • I Will Make My Own Choices

    I do not believe governments should restrict smoking to protect smokers. When I look to my government for protection, I am looking for protection from foreign threats or local criminals. I do not feel it is necessary for my government to protect me from myself. I enjoy my rights to make decisions for myself and I do not want the government making decisions for me.

  • Governments should not restrict smoking to protect smokers.

    Governments should not restrict smoking to protect smokers. People are going to smoke no matter what happens in the government. I do not think it should be left up to the government to stop people from smoking. The government actually makes a lot of taxes from smoking so I do not see why they would want to ban it.

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