Smoking: Should smoking advertisements be limited or banned?

  • Smoking advertising should be banned

    Kids who are watching those commercials then see people smoking and then they think smoking would be cool. If they see these advertisements at a young age they, young kids usually don't cahnge their minds if they are set at an early age. So their minds are set on smoking. No matter how much adults try to stop them they would already have their minds set on smoking

  • Yes, they make it seem alluring.

    It is good when ads for smoking are banned because the ads that used to run all the time on tv and be seen on billboards made the activity seem very sophisticated and alluring. That made young people want to take up the activity, not realizing it would turn into an addiction.

  • Smoking Causes Major Problems

    Smoking cigarettes causes major health problems such as heart disease, COPD, emphysema and lung cancer. Smoking advertisements should be limited or banned all over the world as health care costs associated with smoking rise. With all the money people could save over a lifetime of smoking, a huge nest egg with a house that is paid off can be probable if consumers would just reinvest their time and effort to quit smoking.

  • Yes, they should be banned.

    Smoking ads do nothing but create more cancer patients. All smoking ads should be banned. They serve no useful purpose. We should ban cigarettes altogether. This would help the health of our country tremendously. I can't express to you how much I hate people that smoke. They are trying to give me cancer.

  • Smoking advertisements should be limited or banned.

    Advertisements for tobacco should be limited or banned. Smoking is a bad habit and it is bad for public health. The government has already ruled that tobacco companies cannot market to children. In order to end smoking for good, tobacco companies should be restricted further or forbidden from marketing at all.

  • Yes they should

    Smoking advertisements should be banned. A habit as addictive and harmful as smoking should not be promoted and glamorized. Although thankfully there arent many commercials out there for smoking currently, the ones that are showed should be cancelled out. Smoking is an awful habit and by showing commercials for it could cause people to pick up the habit.

  • Business is Business

    Being a smoker that truly wants to quit in the future, I would be far better off if ads didn't exist for cigarettes. I thought they were banned, but I've seen some in magazines lately. I do not think we should ban or limit smoking advertisements. I believe it is wrong for the government to attempt to limit business or stop it. The government should stop subsidizing the tobacco industry.

  • Personal Freedom is Personal

    I think that ever adult has the right to make choices about there own health. I don't believe in limiting information and access will help people decide what is best for themselves. Being exposed to an ad is okay for an adult along as the ad contains factual information. I see no reason to limit advertising and treating adults like children.

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