Smoking: Should the government take actions to deter individuals from smoking?

  • Yes to Deterrents

    Americans should continue to help the health of its citizens. American is known as a powerful force in the western world both politically and militarily. In the wake of such political and military strength it would behoove one to think that the country does not care about its citizens smoking.

  • Most definitely YES

    Just look at Americans today. Most don't think for themselves. A lot of Americans are too ignorant to realize the health risks that go along with smoking. I feel as if the previous generation were more educated on the health risks that come when smoking, I feel as the number of 40-60 year old people would be significantly lower.

  • Individuals Have The Right

    No, that would be completely ridiculous. Not only is our media discouraging smoking, but making the government involved with a habit/addiction people have is completely ridiculous and absurd. It is a stress reliever, and simply, no one else's business. Why must the government be involved? The government, in my opinion, is involved in too many things if you ask me.

  • No more nanny state

    The inherent health risks of smoking are well known; those consenting adults who choose to puff away, regardless of the risks of cancer and other illnesses, should be left to their own devices WITH the understanding that society should not have to shoulder the burden of increased health care costs associated with smoking related illnesses. It's not up to the government to police individual choice when it is affecting the individual rather than society.

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