Smoking: Should tobacco and nicotine be considered a drug?

  • Is tobacco a drug?

    It is because if you’re able to get some sort of effect off of it or satisfaction from something that isn’t natural means it is having an effect and if it isn’t natural it is a drug and if you put it into a cigarette that has even morbeen chemicals that aren’t good.

  • Tobacco is addicting and is similar to alcoholism.

    The only difference is alcohol can be consumed anywhere, restaurants, bathroom, work parties, parks, public places, etc. Smoking bans are everywhere. Cravings for an alcoholic are the same as cravings for a cigarette. Withdrawal symptoms are close, but will depend on how long you have smoked and the chemical make up of your body. Alcohol will kill you and all your loved one faster than a cigarette because a cigarette does not cause impairments and bad judgment. If you live in a cancer cluster community your children and you may die sooner than from second had smoke. Oooops I am getting off track. Tobacco is addicting with the carcinogens and whatever else is added. Tobacco should be listed as a dangerous drug. America is so confused.

  • Damaging + Addictive = Drug

    Tobacco and nicotine are universally damaging substances. When consumed in a cigarette or cigar, arguably the most common methods of consumption, resulting medical problems can include various forms and location of cancer, lung problems, and heart disease. The cancer is a threat still present when tobacco is consumed orally. Nicotine is also one of the most addictive substances consumed commonly in the US. The addictive and damaging effects of substances like opium (and its opiate derivatives), cocaine, and LSD were a primary reason for their consumption being banned.

  • Yes, tobacco and nicotine are addictive.

    Tobacco and nicotine are both addictive substances that users have a hard time going without. While these two substance aren't as detrimental as hard drugs such as cocaine or heroin, they still have negative health effects. Whether the substance should be illegal or not is a different question, but they both meet the criteria for being considered drugs.

  • Because it takes away the stress

    I think it should not be a drug because people how have a rough life and a rough day at work so I think that it should not be a drug because most of the time people use it to get rid of the stress so I think tobacco should not be a drug.

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