SNL interns reach $6.4 million settlement: Should interns always be paid?

  • Working Off of Hope

    When it comes to interns, I think they should at least be paid minimum wage. A lot of companies get away with working interns into the ground without having to pay them. In some cases they do not even offer that person a job. In today's world, you need some sort of income to survive. Working off of the hope that a company will eventually hire you is unrealistic.

  • Yes, I think that interns should always be paid.

    Becoming an intern is a life-long process therefore they should always have income for life. Although like everything else in life there has to be a limit somewhere but I love the dedication that these people have and therefore I believe that they should always be paid because It is only fair.

  • I believe interns should be paid.

    All interns are working when they are learning. I do believe they should be paid, but it should be at the minimum level. They are getting an education, so the pay should never be a high amount, but it should be enough to help them eat and live while they are performing the internship.

  • Your still a student

    While I would prefer to get paid for an internship you are technically still a student who is paying to be taking an internship. It is not that much different from sitting in a class when you think about it and if your internship goes good then there is usually high odds of getting a job with that company. I think interns should be paid but thats solely up to the company. It should be viewed more as an audition for a job once you graduate or for a really good professional referance if you work hard.

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