Snowden slams US for ignoring Hillary Clinton's email controversy: Should Hillary spend some time in jail for this scandal?

  • Hillary should spend some time in jail for the email scandal

    Hillary should spend some time in jail for the email scandal because the weight of the evidence is so far and away against her that no reasonable person can conclude anything else but her guilt. The woman is dishonest and a trail of scandal follows her everywhere she goes. Coincidence? I think not.

  • Yes, she should go to jail or at least face some sort of consequence.

    If the FBI, through their investigation, find that what Hillary Clinton did by using her own personal email server is illegal, I believe she should be held accountable and face some sort of punishment. She has denied any wrongdoing multiple times, so if they find that what she did was illegal there should be even harsher punishments.

  • At least a slap on the wrist!

    We don't know what was in the emails. Clearly it was something that she wanted to hide, and that in itself should not be ignored. But, without knowing what she was up to, there's not really any way to determine if she should do jail time. However, creating that type of scandal should bring her under some type of sanction, but whether it's jail time or not, that would have to be determined by a court of her peers, if you could find some that she HASN'T paid off! She's a representative face of our country, and she should be held to a high moral standard.

  • I don't believe it is a jailable offense

    I do think that Hillary made a mistake with having a personal server that she used for government emails. However, I don't believe she acted with malice, and I assume she thought she was doing something that was safe and easier for her to do her job. Everyone can speculate on her motivation, but I don't believe she meant any harm to our country, and it seems that as of yet, there has been no indication that any harm did come of it.

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