So many school shootings: Should we have armed security guards at public schools?

  • Why shoot up a school? Because no one is shooting back.

    These crazy gunmen never walk into a police department to mass murder, most likely because they'd never get the first shot off. They go to schools where defenseless students can't defend themselves. Hopefully an armed security guard could at least stop some innocent lives being lost. Imagine it's your kids school.

  • Why have armed guards?

    Common sense! We protect celebrities, jewelry stores, courts etc. but not our kids?? Shake my damn head! What is wrong with people? I'm not for either political party but I'd vote republican if I knew they'd see to it that my kids are protected in school! Or allow the teachers to be armed

  • It will bring peace of mind and safety.

    I live 10 miles from Sandy Hook Elementary, and after the shooting, some people were afraid to go back to their own schools. To help people feel safer, the police decided to station some cops outside of my high school the week following the shooting. The first day back to school after the shooting, my school was suddenly put on lockdown. It was not a drill, and we had no idea what was going on, or if we were in danger, but in that moment it was extremely reassuring to know that there were already cops at the school to protect us if needed. It turned out to be a false alarm (someone thought they had seen a gun), but if it hadn't been, the cops could have helped.

    In real school shootings, there have been incidences where someone shot the attacker and saved lives, so armed guards can save lives too.

  • Yes, it can help fight school shootings

    If there are armed security guards, they can stop a attacker from shooting up a school or at least delay the attack in time for Law Enforcement to arrive before any students or school staff get shot. It would be a good idea to prevent school shootings from happening. .

  • Yes, there should be armed security guards at public schools

    The amount of gun violence occurring throughout our country is at an all time high. Even the strictest of restrictions on purchasing and owning a firearm will not stop the disturbed individuals who are intent on taking the lives of our communities' children. Although I do believe the root of the issue of school shootings is mental health related, it is going to take time to implement better programs for mental health awareness and treatment. Armed security guards at public schools is something we can implement immediately and may give our children the peace of mind they deserve when in school.

  • Armed guards are necessary

    Considering there are so many Americans that are pro-guns, and the likelihood that private ownership of guns will not be banned any time soon, I believe it is imperative to have armed guards at public schools. With all the school shootings that have happend at schools in the past few years, its clear that something needs to change.

  • It would be a strain on the system

    But if it would help protect our children, I'm in favor of it. An armed security guard may not really make a difference, but there have been too many school shootings lately, and something needs to change. It would be a strain on school budgets, but if it saves a single child, it would be worth it.

  • Children will be terrified

    I myself am in school, and I never feel safe as it is. If there were to be armed guards outside my school I'd be so scared that I probably wouldn't want to come to school at all. Kids won't feel safe if gunmen are stood outside their school, or even in their school. Where would the government find the money for them anyway? They waste it on silly things so they can't take any more risks with their money. I live in a country where people don't have guns. If they do, they're criminals. I'm not intending to be rude in any way but if a man with a gun came into your child's school would you like it? All I can say is that guns and schools are a big no-no. I'd feel like I was in a prison. But that's just a silly girl's opinion. Let's just agree that hopefully we'll never come to armed security guards at schools, or anywhere else for that matter, or surveillance would get out of control.

    (This is my first ever post so thank you for reading it).

  • Why not have armed guards in movie theaters, stores etc?

    I think I've found the ingenious solution to this problem.

    1)Parents need to lock away there guns in some sort of safe or locked box. Even better would be to not have the their kid know they have a gun in the house. If you purchase a gun solely for self defense then hide it away and sneak off to the gun range instead of showing them. If your child is found to have committed a crime with your gun and there were no preventatives measure taken to prevent them from gaining access to the gun, then you should serve a sentence based on aiding and abetting laws.

    2) I'm not in favor of longer wait times for purchasing guns but unless you've previously purchased a firearm you should need to wait a few days. This prevents heat of the moment decisions and allows extra time for others to catch wind of the situation. Background checks are lacking and everyone seems to be in favor of them so that would also be a plus. I hate so say this but people in the 18-24 age group should have certain restrictions like a mental health diagnosis before purchasing a firearm. Parts of the brain that help with judging long term decision are not fully developed yet and this can lead to rash decisions.

    Armed guards only contributes to students fears of a potential school shooting. School shooting are incredibly rare despite media coverage focusing on these events, so it would be stupid to have every school hire 2 or more armed guards to patrol the hallways. Who will pay for these people? What qualifications would they need to have? What would their role be when their isn't a school shooting (99.99% of the time)? If we're talking about having a police force on location then no way would this be a good idea. If people are this worried then invest in some better security (cameras, locked doors, faculty gun, better drills, don't allow students to roam) to prevent bad things from happening.

    I'd rather we not try to make schools into potential war-zones. If everyone feels this is such a big problem then remove mandatory public education and allow kids to start job training when their younger. Little known to everyone is the fact that the majority of public school kids won't make it to college so why waste their time and our money? We desperately need an education reform in this country and maybe the focus on school shootings will be the catalyst for the discussion. Hopefully.

  • No, armed guards will only worsen the situation.

    No, we should not have armed security guards at public schools. Having armed security guards at public schools is not solving the problem but rather just applying a temporary fix. In the short term, armed security guards will create a perception of safety, but in the long term, if someone wants to use a weapon or firearm, they will always find their way around the system. Having an armed guard also opens the door for someone to grab the firearm off of the armed security guard and use it. Firearm laws and regulations need to be improved and enforced. Whether there is a armed security guard at the school or not, a child should never have access to a firearm.

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LittleBallofHATE says2014-06-14T05:15:57.260
We need to be a lot tougher on crime. Bring back public executions. It won't stop the crazies, but if someone knew they'd be executed, if caught, there would be a lot less murders.