So the World Series is tied at one game apiece: Will the Chicago Cubs win as expected?

  • Yes, I think the Chicago Cubs will win.

    Yes, I do believe that the Chicago Cubs will with the World Series as expected. It has been such a long time since the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series and they have a great team this year. Hopefully the motivation of winning the series for Chicago will empower them to take home the win!

  • Yes, the Chicago Cubs will win as expected.

    Yes, the Chicago Cubs will win as expected, but it will be a tough battle. They only have three games at home, and if they do not win all three, they have to go back to Cleveland. It is hard to win a major game in a different city, but they can do it.

  • Yes, It is their year.

    The Chicago Cubs are riding a high right now. It has been so long since they were in a world series, the press is going crazy. Stories are popping up everywhere with Cubs related tales. All of the positive press is going to give the team they need to win the world series.

  • They have the best chance to win

    The Chicago Cubs have been absolutely phenomenal this year. Everything about the team is amazing, and the World Series is the best way to finish the season. They have worked so hard, and have played their hearts out to get to this point. I don't believe there is any stopping them from becoming the champions this year.

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