• Coup to Remove Trump

    Since Gen. Flynn was railroaded as part of the coup to remove Trump and it's since been PROVEN there was NO Russian collusion, Just another lie by corrupt lying Democrats, Why shouldn't he have been?

    Trump exposed DECADES of very deep government corruption, In our FBI, CIA, NSA, IRS, Everywhere, Every president in 50 years except Reagan was corrupt, And our news media covering their crimes rather than reporting them.

    There was no Russian collusion, So why should anyone be going to prison over it, Besides the ones who pursued it endlessly costing tax payers millions and the ones that falsely reported it nightly?

  • Flynn and Trump should go to jail

    Trump has pardoned those who were in his criminal gang. Trump's behavior would be easily considered as part of a RICO investigations following the same rules the MAFIA when they were dissolved. Unfortunately Mr. Guliani has forgotten how he did that and is now an associate to criminality. Please review the history.

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