• Yes it is

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  • I think soccer is better because it's coed sport also it invokes people from all over the world.

    Football only has to do with people mainly in america but soccer bring people together from all over the world. Also it's a coed sport and it better like that cuz boys and girls can both play. Also it takes a lot more skills then just running with a ball in football. With soccer you have to dribble around people, also you have to have skills to get around people. And even though football players get tackled they have padding. And in soccer you don't get tackled but you get tripped and pushed and cleated but you don't have padding. I have pentiny of other reasons why soccer is better but those a just a few :)

  • Its so fun

    In soccer you don't get hurt as much. Also there are teams for both sexes, not just boys. I have NEVER heard of a girl football team and that is stupid. So I'm not saying if you love football I hate you but I like soccer a lot more than football.

  • Two words.. Super bowl.

    Soccer is relatively boring. The constant running and lack of action disappoints the average sports fan. Football is contact fueled, games are more exciting on both sides of the ball, and kicking the ball is way harder in football than it is in soccer. Put it this way, 2 minutes left in both games, balls are on the midfield line, and one team has possession. Which is more exciting? Also the only fun thing about soccer is the game winning penalty kicks. Who wants to watch a 90 minute game that only manages to scrape up 1 or 2 points?

  • They're the same thing.

    Soccer is football, so it can't be better than itself. The only reason it's called soccer is because Americans seem to want an American version of everything. A better question to ask would have been "is soccer/football better than American football?" As for the answer to that question, it's a matter of opinion so there is no "better."

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iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-06-12T00:13:55.713
Football is football, soccer is what Americans call football. I think you are confusing football with hand-egg.