• No brain injury

    Soccer is the best. The rules are very simple and easy to play. It takes coordination to run and kick and not use the hands.
    Football on the other hand gives people brain damage. Look at the documentaries and you can see that sport will hurt you.
    Soccer is fun except when people fake injuries like bobbin and try to get penalty shots. I play other sports such as basket ball and baseball but soccer is my favorite

  • Soccer is good

    It is the most popular sport in the world so I strongly believe that it is better than all other sports.
    It populates all of Europe and south america and is the most proffessional sport in the world. There are over 1 million clubs worldwide so this is why I think that soccer is the best sport

  • I used to follow football passionately, Sorry, Soccer. . .

    That was, Until I met hooligans. The religious divide brought to a soccer game is ridiculous. People use it as an excuse for a fight. This is common in football/soccer games (I'm from Scotland, Okay! ? ) Yet, The vast majority of other sports don't come hand in hand with such acts of violence and racist abuse. Figure that one out and explain why soccer is still the best?

  • Soccer maybe a good sport, But not the best sport.

    Considering an item quality, Or effectiveness, Towards us, Human kind, Is a job that is done by us. So that this principle also applies the same to sport.
    People that were in the affirmative side that saying soccer was the best sport because they think that soccer is the best, But the truth may be diffrent. Soccer isnt the best sport on is own, It just some people think it is. This problem is related to the variety of perspectives

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