• Internet is cool because I don't like going outside

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  • Are We Shaping the Internet or Is It Shaping Us?

    The Internet and its associated technologies have infiltrated our homes and saturated our
    society. Social scientists and engineers have long feared that the ease of Internet communication
    would eventually replace any need for face to face encounters.

    The Internet can deliver religion to the people, It also has the capacity to deliver people to politics. Political contributions, Debate, And interaction have soared in recent years. The Internet has made vast quantities of information instantly available for anyone who cares to search for it and has the potential to create a new form of electronic democracy. Yet, With all this information available, It is still incumbent upon the user to seek it out, Read it, And digest it.

    Another major institution that has gone through some fundamental changes is education.
    Online courses have opened the possibility to many people that might otherwise have been
    prevented from attending. The scheduling is more flexible and has the ability to fit around a busy
    work schedule. Online courses are getting the same recognition as in-place degrees and have
    material that mirrors campus classes. Also, One can find any educational help online - such as writing assistance like at https://kiwiassignmenthelp. Com or a tutor. The educational system has made deliberate and rational use of the Internet and has served its customers well and fulfilled their social needs.

    The Internet has had sweeping effects on the social landscape. Religion and politics have
    exploited the technology for their own social goal of increased membership. It is reasonable to
    see that the cultures that value education the most, Health Care and Universities, Have expressed
    some control over the medium and put it to beneficial use. Institutions, Like individuals, Will
    exploit the technology to the limit that their socialization allows. Individuals will not radically
    change social skills when confronted with the Internet. Those that are able to form lasting
    relationships off-line will be able to do so online. Those that have internalized mental barriers
    off-line will experience the same frustration online. However, As younger and younger children
    are exposed to technology that was designed for adults, And use it in the style of an adult, They
    will become socialized to an unrealistic setting. These deformed attitudes and distorted expectations will not transfer to a face to face relationship when they get older.

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