• I am for the motion

    Social medis is a waste of time if one spends all his or her time on it
    Social media decreases productivity
    Becomes an idol
    Damages personal relationships among people
    It has brought about sexting
    It is insecure
    Bad spelling and grammar among students especially
    It is dangerous to our health

  • Yes it has

    And it is doing so in a not so good way. It is mainly persuading today's
    youth to be influenced by "the wrong things". Don't tell me this isn't true because I see it every day at school. I mean twerking, Cursing, Smoking(vaping), Alcohol(not at school thankfully), Fighting, Drugs, Etc.
    Some of what I mentioned we teen have been ding for centuries but just not on a large scale as we do now thanks to social media. As a devout christian and a lover of history, I feel proud to say this wouldn't be going on in medieval system of society.

  • Nope nope nope

    Obviously it's a waste of time if much time is spent on social media. Social media does not decrease productivity. I see social media as a way for youth to meet new people and learn about many things out there. Many youth are getting involved in things such as politics and has made our generation stronger. It does not damage personal relationships unless it is being used wrong, Which does not usually happen. Sexting has always existed long before the internet came into existence. There are many different ways to be safe from information being stolen from someone, One being not sharing that information at all. There might be bad grammar and spelling, But it is not used in school unless the student has not been properly taught; there is still time to learn. Social media isn't dangerous to our health. Electronics in general? Maybe. Only if it is being used for too long and not in a proper way. I am 18 years old. I believe our generation is only getting stronger than the ones before us because of our want to learn and the fact that we keep open minds. Without social media, We wouldn't know what is going on around us. There are many benefits to having social media. Has it affected our youth? Yes, In a positive way.

  • Did it really?

    I don't think so.
    It's safe to say that social media, To an extent can be quite. . . Robotic and it may come across as ruining the youth. However, If that's the case then isn't everything we do bad? For example, Alcohol. Is it bad? Not necessarily. Alcohol is fine, Too much alcohol can be damaging. Gambling is okay, Too much gambling is bad. Now, What about social media? It's effected the youth, Agree. Is that bad? No. Too much social media, However, Just might be.
    Everything in moderation lads

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