• It should not, but in reality it does.

    It seems like almost everything that we do these days ends up on a social network posted by ourselves or by someone else. This should not be a cause of stress because social networking is supposed to be relaxing and fun, but it does cause stress. We start worrying about how the people on our friends list think of us, and get caught up in useless drama.

  • Yes, Absolutely, And On All Platforms

    Some people don't have good behavior on social media and act in a way they wouldn't in person. It's true for all the major platforms, but is also true in the world of online dating. People act assertive in ways that wouldn't be socially acceptable in a face to face meeting.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Social networking can cause stress.

    While it is sad to say, social networking can indeed result in stress for the user. It should be a point of relaxation, but the truth of the matter is, drama in the real world will spill over into the realm of social networking, and vice versa, that's for sure.

  • Yes, social networking can cause stress.

    Social networking can definitely cause stress. When you put a personal subject on a time wall, everyone and their friends can see what is being said. Many people use this outlet to voice their arguments, ideas, thoughts, and anger out there and some of it should be kept private. Fighting occurs and feelings are hurt, and this causes stress.

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