Does social networking have a negative effect on face to face relationships?

  • Social networking has a negative effect on face to face relationships

    -Rumours can be spread easier online
    -Can affect social life
    -social interaction face to face can be affected
    -Your life is wasted for no reason on social media
    -76% of adults online use social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
    -23 DAYS A YEAR SPENT ON YOUR PHONE, which is 3.9 years in someone's life

  • Yes it does

    Kids now spend more time on the internet than with other people. 39% of teens spend more time talking to someone online than face-to-face. Kids are so obsessed with Instagram and snap chat that they don't worry about the relationships they have with their friends in real life. Lastly cyber bullying is reported by 72% of students and that is just sad.

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  • Yes, it causes people to spend all of their time on their social media.

    Even when people who are addicted to social media are around people, they only socialize through their phones and technology. It seems like they completely forget the point of face to face conversations. Facebook, Twitter, etc. make people think they are becoming more social, but really they are just only becoming social through text and other social networking.

  • Yes because causes people to spend less time together

    I lot of people use social media and they spend a lot of time on it that causes them less time to do other things like interact with real people face to face unlike seeing the person and doing fun activities they just online the whole day away that might forget that they are more than talking to each other

  • Not just male and female

    The topic of relationships doesn't just go for male and female but also family relationships. Many teenagers these days are limiting their time with friends and family. To be fair not all teens are socially inactive with face to face conversations, but research shows that over 67 percent are socially inactive face to face.

  • Yes it does!

    When you meet someone online that you have talked to for so long, you get nervous when you meet them face to face. And when you meet them you are not so attracted to them as you were over the internet or over the phone. When do face to face dating it saves a whole lot of time and disappointment. Verses 3 to 6 months of phone conversation that turns out to be a waste of f-ing time.

  • Yes it does

    I have a few friend who addicted with social media and a few again not to addict and a few again who don't have or give an attention about social media. I do a little research because one of my best friend get very addicted with social media and i found its hard to communicate with her at this time.

    So i hang out with those few my friends

    first i hang out with those who very addicted with social media , and what happen is they didn't get enough attention to people around them , after they post it " in where , with who , what they eat " and then they busy with noticing a feedback from they social media we rarely interact face to face each other until we go home.

    Than i hang out again with a few my friend who not to addicted with social just regular user of social media , i found they open the social media sometimes but its quiet balance we talk a lot mostly about people we knows and they knew a lot about a gossip around our friends connection and a new hangout place. We talk enough i do have fun that night

    than i hang out again with those who don't have social media , 1 word they sure talk a lot we talk people around us, like that girl over there , what happen in economics , politics , music and etc this group i found is the best compared those two group earlier

    i'm regular user of social media but i consider to quit it soon enough

  • Yes,it sadly does.

    I have been doing some research on the topic and it has become very apparent that social media has a negative effect on face to face relationships, especially considering the hours that people spend on social media. We end up investing more time and energy into online relationships then real-life relationships therefore impacting a lot on how we socialize with people in the physical world as appose to those in the virtual world of social media. It becomes harder to communicate with someone who isn't on the one of your social networking sites than a person who you chat to frequently online.

  • Allows to reduces pressure

    We know that most of them is using social medias. If he or she is having no use with the media ,do they use it? You should also consider the fact that day by day the use of these social medias are increasing. If the recipient have no worth with these media will they use it? Social media allows communication. It is the mainstream which supports the right to expression.

    Posted by: jijo
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  • It has become a part of our daily lives

    Face book has become a part of our daily lives. Using the social networking sites is quite easy, moreover, it keeps us updated about what is going on in other people’s life, it reminds us of their important days as well as helps us keep a check on our exes. Social networks have increased communication.

  • No it does not.

    Social networking does not have a negative effect on face to face relationships. I think it improves the relationship of others because you get to communicate with friends and family even when they are not around. So if someone is gone for a long time you can still feel like you are a part of their life.

  • No, relationships have changed.

    It is not the social media that have changed but human behavior. We have children who spent all their lives online and are now adults still spending time online. Socializing online has become mainstream. As a result social media sites have gone up. Face to face relationships were already failing due to the amount of screen time.

  • Social Networking Has No Negative Effects on Face-to-Face Relationships.

    Social networking is simply another medium for developing and maintaining relationships. It is no different from using a telephone or writing letters to communicate in a relationship. It allows people to connect more easily, without geographical limitations, which is a positive thing. While this may lead to people spending more time online and less time meeting face to face, it is communication, not physical presence, that contributes most to a relationship.

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