• It is safe.

    Social networking is safe as long as the person doing the social networking it thinking about what they are going to say online before they post it. But, of course this is only if they use it properly.In reality, we might shout it out but on social networking you have to type it so, you have time to think about it first. IT IS NOT HARMFUL!

  • It is safe

    First, the person which posts messages, photos etc can have enough time to think about the things he/she will post. Second, we are free of any physical harm and less affected when it comes to healthy mind(but of course. It depends on the level of tolerance of a person). Third, your words, exclusive photos, and anything you posts(including profile information) only serve as a reference for limited informations about you, on which your full personal identity is still kept and safe at the same time.

  • Depends, but Usually Is Safe

    The safety of social networking is determined by so many factors. What website is it? How old is the user? Are they going to only add all their friends they know in real life, or are they going to add anyone and everyone who sends them a friend request? If people are taught to be safe and not reveal any personal information on social networking sites, they can be a safe and enjoyable places for everyone.

  • YES it is safe

    In my opinion, social networking is safe. Actually everything can be not safe if we don;t do it properly. The use of social networking is to actually be in contact with friends from schools and friends we know. We may also meet someone new in the social network, but it is again our own choice to talk to someone we know or we don't know. It is okay to talk to someone you don't know, but keep your private contacts private. Don't share anything private to someone you don't know. So, in my opinion, social networking is fine. It does not do any harm to people.

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  • Unless you are very security minded social networks are a very unsafe place to be.

    These networks are also a perfect hunting ground for pedophiles, stalkers and cyber bullies. Sharing too much on social networks can be very dangerous. Teenagers can get carried away revealing too much about their lives and not realize the type of people who can see it. Why is it girls in particular have to take photos of themselves that are provocative to say the least & post them on their profile, Really don't they understand what message that is sending out & that there are perverts lurking about social networks looking to take advantage

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