Social networking sites: Are social networking sites benefiting friendships?

  • Keeps People in Touch

    Social networks keep people in touch despite long distances. Relatives who live far apart can keep up-to-date with their loved ones. People who don't see each other very often can easily log into various sites and instantly see how people are doing thanks to social media. If anything, social networks have brought the world closer together.

  • Social networking sites are benefiting friendships.

    Social networking sites are benefiting friendships. With the use of social networking sites we are more able to stay in touch with friends all over the world in real time. The use of social networking sites help people everywhere form new relationships as well as stay in touch with friends from the past.

  • Social sites keeps long distance friends connected

    Yes, I believe that social networking sites do benefit some friendships. In some cases such as military families, people make very good friends, but because of constant movement, they usually lose contact. Social networking provides a way for friends to continue sharing their lives regardless of the space between the friends.

  • social networking builds friendships

    Social networking sites benefit friendships by allowing people to interact and share even when they are on completely different schedules and/or are in different geographic locations. Social networking sites build comunities and friendships, allowing people that may not otherwise meet, to get to know each other and to become friends.

  • Yes, social networking sites help to keep in touch

    While no website can replace live fellowship, I think being able to keep track of your friends' activities on a social networking site helps. I personally have gotten reconnected with numerous friends from my past when I joined such a site. I thought I had permanently lost track of those people, and it was such a joy to find them again.

  • Yes, I believe that social networking sites are benefiting friendships.

    I believe that social networking sites are benefiting friendships, especially friendships from the past, such as high school or college friends. I know that I lost touch with several of my college friends and was only able to reconnect with them through Facebook. Facebook enables people to keep in touch in a quick and easy way. More importantly it allows people to find past friends they thought they would never be in contact with.

  • No they are not.

    Social networking sites are actually hurting friendships, not benefiting them. There are many reasons for this. One of them is the fact that most people don't really communicate much with their friends online. Also, many times the person has never met their "friend" in real life. This could be good if they ever took time to meet or talk on the phone, but they don't do that.

  • No they hidner friendships.

    Social networking sites actually hinder friendships more then they benefit them. People are able to mask their true thoughts and feelings behind a blank screen and pretend to agree or disagree with whatever is being asked of them, allowing a sort of fake bond to be formed amongst other people.

  • No, they can actually be quite detrimental.

    Social networking sites are taking a toll on actual social interactions and making it harder for people to communicate one-on-one. There are have actually been studies done that show that social networking sites like Facebook have the tendency to make people feel worse about themselves and their lives because they only see the good things that are going on in their peers' lives and feel like they don't live up or haven't accomplished much.

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