Social networking sites: Do social networking sites benefit career networking?

  • In a way, yes.

    Social networking has become very popular and well known over the last few years. I do think these social networking sites can benefit someone seeking a career in networking, because it will give them the option to be connected with people who are already trained in that particular career field.

  • Yes to a point

    Social networking sites can benefit career networking as well as harm career networking. Just look at a site like linkedin and you will see how closely social networking and career networking have become. People use linkedin now to find jobs. Social network can be bad too though as your potential employer takes a look at your facebook page.

  • Social networking is both

    Social networking is what you make of it; if a person is very social and proactive in real life, they'll likely be the same on social networking, with both ultimately helping career networking in the long term. Still, for those who are less socially apt in person, social networking can be an even greater boon.

  • Social Networking Increases Visibility

    Social networking websites can further people's career by making their lives more visible to potential employers. The more followers someone has, the better connections they have over many social media. Social networking sites are great ways to connect to people and companies, so long as you don't do anything to jeopardize your status by saying something stupid.

  • Social Networking Benefits Career Networking

    Yes, social networking sites can benefit career networking. The more people that someone knows and stays in regular contact with, the more opportunities that person has. This is the very definition of networking. Networking in the social and career spheres often overlaps. Thus, social networking sites can benefit career networking.

  • Yes, they do.

    Social networking sites help career networking quite a bit. Being able to connect with others and promote yourself is great and done easily with the social networking sites. It is easy to show what you do and your skills while also keep in touch with those that can lead you to the right career.

  • Social Networking Sites can benefit career networking.

    Social Networking Sites can greatly help with career networking. Through sites such as Facebook, people are able to connect with people they might not have connected with otherwise. Facebook makes it easy to get to know others at a faster rate than would happen if it were a face to face meeting.

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