• It would be government owned and more money would be put into America then the wealth mans pocket

    Lack of funding for education system in lower populated areas. More money that supports the SSI and all government programs. While establish community that are not corrupt by big industries. Provide better security to the nation. There be no for greed and everything is created equal for all man and women.

  • Socialism and unions are killing the American dream

    The American people are getting weak and lazy. So many are expected something for nothing, paid days off, slacking off at work, a sence of entitlement. Look at all the bums living off unemployment and the bums in the unions living off others sweat. Now look at the people from the Soviet Union and many of the statements from Hoofa.. Do you see where the US is heading. With Obama and Hillary and the left wing commies ......Trump is a god sent! We used to black list communist now we elect them... We we need help

  • Freedom will go extinct.

    Socialism is where all people are equal. This being said, how would you like to put in a 50 hour work week and have to split your earned money with someone who doesn't want to work. There would be no motivation to work if people will get rewarded no matter what. We would have extremely slow economic growth.European countries for the most part are socialist, and they have insanely high tax rates that give people no money to enjoy. Not only this, but most socialists say that they want to counter corporatism, when socialism is corporatism, a bigger government is just going to get corrupt, just like a corporation. Theoretically this may sound good, but there is no way that you can expect humans to live under the control of a higher power.

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