Socialism: Is socialism a superior form of government?

  • We cannot know if Socialism works or not, because it's never been tried, but Capitalism sure doesn't.

    Socialism. It is a word that breeds fear and hatred among many a people of this Earth, most of which are Americans. They say that Socialism is bad, because the USSR, their biggest rival to date, used it. They say it is scary, because Cuba used it, and we all know how much of a threat Cuba is. This leads to people shunning it, and ignoring it. Well, they are wrong. The USSR didn't have Socialism, they had Communism. Cuba didn't have Socialism, they had and still have Communism. North Korea don not have Socialism, they have Communism. And there is one very big difference between Socialism and Communism, and that difference is fundamentally what the word defines. Communism is a word that titles a form of politics, where a group of people reap the rewards of an equal state by making no-one gain a profit apart from themselves. It is an entire political system based on an Authoritarian rule over a brainwashed population of 'equals'. Socialism, on the other hand, is an economic policy where people get equality in wages and quality of living. And because it is an economic policy, and not a political system, then it can still go hand in hand with democracy. This is the problem. Not many people know the difference between Socialism and Communism anymore. Because of this, we have never truly had a Socialist state, which means that people should not be so quick to judge. If we've never tried, then we don't know what it's like. Socialism is the perfect balance between equality and democracy, and by ignoring it completely, we are missing a chance to change the world for the better.

  • There seems to be a confusion.

    Socialism is not communism and most western societies are considered socialist. Socialism is basically a mix of both extremes; capitalism and communism. Pure capitalism is doomed to failure as it was proven during the crash of 1929. Pure capitalism has a complete hands off approach on economical issues from the government and cannot work as it creates far too much inequality and eventually crashes (because of stock markets constantly inflating). The New Deal and universal healthcare are socialist ideas. So, yes, socialism is better because it helps reduce inequality while still providing incentive to work.

  • Socialism is not a superior form of government

    Because of the basic tenets included in the philosophy,socialism can not be considered a superior form of government.Humans operate on different forms of motivation and it has been shown that individual motivation is much more effective than collective motivation so this reduces the good qualities that are included in a socialistic society.

  • Socialism not superior.

    I do not think that socialism is a superior form of government to other forms of government, even though it does certainly have its advantages. Unfortunately it is flawed just like any other system, and there are certainly flaws in both capitalism and democracy as well. Unfortunately no system is truly superior.

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