• Mixed economy leaning towards socialism

    In a world whereMany people don’t have the same opportunities nor the same privilege it is only fair to be able to help every single American and need to make America as good of a country as it is people preach it to be there for economy where the less fortunate are given a chance and the same opportunity as people who are born into wealth or who are wealthy is a correct economy

  • Better than capitalism

    GiftedMirror408 says that the US offers charity and public education, Which are both socialized. All the best capitalist countries are more socialized than the US. Nobody says that laissez-faire capitalism is good because that would lead to monopolies making it impossible to live. Everyone agrees that there should be some socialized aspects to capitalism(except the farthest economic-right, But those guys are all billionaires who benefited from a socialized capitalist economy), So there doesn't seem to be a good reason that we can't go all the way. People say that socialism hasn't worked in practice, But that wasn't actual socialism. Also, They ignore that capitalist countries a) can fail and b) have a long history of ignoring human rights and abusing workers. Bigdave says that Winston Churchill says socialism is bad, But a) that's one man's opinion, B) this man was also ruling over colonial India and allowing those people to be oppressed (maybe not "ruling" but was definitely in charge), C) is nitpicking quotes. I bet I can find quotes saying the earth is flat, Doesn't make it true, D) is making a claim without evidence to back it up and e)this guy benefited from capitalism and the inequality from it, This is a biased opinion. FreedomBeforeEquality says that we should be free, But capitalism doesn't actually cause freedom. You can look to the industrial revolution, Where capitalism ran rampant and workers were forced to work in horrible conditions. Is this the "freedom" that we were promised? I think not.

  • History has proven that Socialism doesn't work and the logic behind it doesn't work at all.

    Socialism provides little to no incentive to work hard. You go to school to get a job and make money. You work hard at your job to get a promotion so you can earn more money. Modern society revolves around how to earn money. It is the number one incentive to do well and school and work hard. Those who work hard and achieve in a socialist society immediately have their wealth stripped from them and given to those who didn't work hard. What is the incentive to be those who achieve? There is no incentive whatsoever. Meanwhile, If your one who didn't work hard and failed to help society. You get the economic benefit of the rich. What better life do you have than doing nothing and getting paid. Even those who work hard because they want to help others still complain about money. Teachers are an excellent example.

    Socialism also ruins and stunts the economy even if people worked hard. Economic growth comes from investments. Those on "Shark Tank" hope to get an investment to start a business. If you strip the money from the rich, There is little money remaining to invest in new companies. Which develops the economy. Economies don't develop when money is given but not returned. Economies grow when the money invested makes a profit.

    These reasons are why Socialism failed in other nations. The USSR was unable to create incentives for their own people to strive and succeed. Meanwhile, Any who did were unable to do better as they received little investments and benefits. The United States on the other hand offered the possibility to be rich. Not mediocre, But rich. People in the United States strived hard to become the best. Those who succeeded were rewarded with investments and were able to achieve more than a person of the same caliber would in the USSR. The United States pumped out new inventions and stronger businesses at a rate incomparable to the USSR. Thus, The USSR ran out of money and collapsed.

    Those who support socialism always argue that it helps those who are unable to succeed simply through their economic situation. While part of this is true it is not in most developed nations. The US and most of the developed world don't have this problem. If you truly want to succeed you will. Even if you have to work, You will have enough time in the day to study. Even if you don't have enough money to receive higher education. SAT review books go for under $50. Long story short, The US offers enough assistance through charity and public education for those who are poor to succeed. If you want it bad enough in the US. You will succeed. Even the rich and powerful who don't work hard will fail. Their business will be unable to compete with others and they will lose their money. A vacancy will open for those who are poor.

  • Equal opportunity is better than equal misery.

    Let the great men of history speak. . . . "“Socialism is the philosophy of failure…” – Winston Churchill
    "“The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries. ” —Winston Churchill.
    These quotes should make it plain that while capitalism has its problems, They are better than socialism's virtues.

  • Freedom. Everything else is just a side effect.

    If you are concerned with helping people then you must let them be themselves. Socialism helps no one. It does the most bad simply by being the option that regulates the most. Opportunity is just another way of saying fortune, Luck. I prefer to make my own luck, Seize my own opportunities. What good does it do me for someone to put them in front of me. Baiting me. Then my actions are all always aimed at what they want done, My work concentrated around what they find important. What does that do for me? How does that fulfill my needs or what I care about as an individual? The short answer is it doesn't. Then when it doesn't for long enough, People rally to fix the problem and all the socialists end up having to die again.

    Its a self fulfilling prophecy that the socialists are doomed to experience over and over and over.

  • Socialists are dumb.

    History has shown time and time again that the most successful countries run on capitalism - communism has always shown to fail. Socialist economies steal wealth from people who genuinely earned it by working hard and give it to fat welfare leaches who just want to play video games and eat McDonald's all day, Capitalist economies allow you to keep the wealth which you rightfully earned by working hard. Capitalism allows for innovation, Competition, And incentive to better yourself by working hard.

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Yamuna_Ventura says2020-09-03T04:08:07.253
I like socialism more but not of the socialism that is on the history books, I believe in libertarian socialism but you have to be mature to understand.

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