Society says no one is entitled to anything, Why should suffering people be forced to live against their will, If Society won't help them

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  • A dreamworld of bankrupt and corrupt suffering that we all live in

    This is one of the very best questions ever asked here on DDO, If the thee best. NO ONE should have to suffer, Not ever, Not for any reason, Especially that of children. Especially when parents or anybody rapes, Beats, And tortures children.
    I was talking with a white supremacist two days ago and he and I disagreed on everything except for one thing and that is if anybody does harm to children, That person who does the harm should be executed no questions asked.
    Now suffering people should ---never--- be forced to live against their will, How can they be, Especially if they are children?
    I once had a friend who was raped, Beaten, And tortured by her stepfather at the age of 4, Sometimes twice per week, All the way up until 17. That was only the start of her horrors. She then runs away from home, Gets married, Has a child, Gets a divorce, The state takes the child. She then attempts suicide by jumping off a high dive into a pool with no water. Of course this does not work. It breaks her back so that she can barely walk without severe intense pain. The hospitals will not give her any pain killers because of their addictive properties. So she starts to turn tricks so she can buy her crack and cocaine because that will kill the pain. She then gets AIDS and dies. I seriously doubt if she had a single happy week in her entire life.
    There's worse. I have a lifelong friend who worked in a psych ward for 20 years. He told me of a 6 year old girl who was raped so badly by her father that her vagina turned into her a$$. I cannot even contemplate that and neither can you.
    Yeah, Where on earth was and is society to help these children and or millions of children that live in horrific conditions? Sadly it's going to continue because we sadly have a political system that doesn't care to do anything about it. There's that worthless beefy tart of useless nothingness who only knows how to spew up absolute rottenness towards everybody and everything except for itself that currently occupies the big white barn. And who's to say that the opposing parties will pass anything that will help, That is if elected?
    Suffering is a ---very--- good thing, Isn't it? Otherwise, Nobody would deal with it and would DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! However religiously speaking suffering is a truly great and grand thing. But that is an entirely another subject.

  • Society believes humans are entitled to things.

    The assumption made by the question is just wrong. Society, Whether libertarian, Anarchist, Liberal or socialist, All agree that humans are entitled to things. Most ideologies agree that humans are entitled to healthcare, Water, Food, And a safe habitat to provide them the opportunity to rise in society. Almost all modern democratic societies strongly believe that humans are entitled to liberty of thought and opinion. Entitlement, After all, Is how the United States was founded; a group of people believed they were entitled to trade freely with other countries, And that they were entitled to representation if they were going to be taxed.

    You can actually predict geopolitical tides fairly accurately solely based on figuring out what each group of people respective to a government believes it's entitled to. Bernie Sanders, In the USA, Strongly argued that Americans were entitled to expansive social welfare programs and a "living wage". Andrew Yang argued that citizens were entitled to a wage, Regardless of whether they worked or not. Donald Trump argued that Americans were entitled to have a thriving local industry not outsourced to China. Entitlement is the core of societal beliefs.

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bigdave says2020-08-14T02:38:27.283
I do not understand the question. Are you saying suffering people should die?

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