Society should prioritize the needs of immigrants?

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  • Family over friends

    Although America stands on the advertisement of "land of freedom, " it doesn't necessarily mean that it is free land for the taking. It is in the immediate and obligatory duty for the national government to care and provide for its own people before reaching out and helping other foreigners. Though it may sound harsh or "unfair, " it is in the same way you would care for your family before your friends. No matter how kind, Generous, And caring you are, You should always look out for you own folks first. As an asian american, I believe it only makes sense that the nation prioritize the needs of those who are the very ones holding their ground for the country they so cherish: its citizens.

  • I'm sorry no

    If someone chooses to immigrate here from another country. They should have the means to take care of themselves and their families. You dont think their aren't tons of immigrants who don't workthe system simply because they know they can??? I'm american white straight and a female no one gives a shit if I'm hungry or Homeless and Believe me I've been both. Unless I have a child society forgets and turns their back on me. I pay taxes when I work aren't those taxes supposed to go to Support the community you live in and help homeless and so on. But being what I am no one cares I'm not being discriminated against cause if your white ave straight it's impossible. Well if your straight and white in America your the most hated discriminated group there is. So no society needs to prioritize the needs of its actual citizens

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