Soda commercials should be banned by the United States.

Asked by: greaky
  • Unnecessary and Unhealthy

    In short, soda commercials promote an unhealthy option for the American public, and targets children. Unlike tobacco and alcohol, children are being directly targeted. Children don't know right from wrong, which is unfair practice.

    Free free to include any and all other arguments for or against, such as business reasons, etc..

  • This health fanaticism is getting out of hand

    It's okay to occasionally drink soda. Most commercials do not advertise soda as the everyday drink to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If parents are careful with how they ration it, the kids will understand that it's a treat, and look forward to having it, Honestly, I think the health-mom craze is a little bit crazy- kids can enjoy a sugary drink from time to time! Let them live!! Our commercials shouldn't be limited to kale juice and protein shakes.

  • Kids will do what they want.

    Tell your kid that drinking pop is bad and will corrode your teeth. Drinking pop isn't addictive like alcohol, and you as a parent have almost full control of what your kid does. Children don't know right from wrong and that's why you say "Drinking a lot of pop is bad for you, always remember that."

  • Too many problems will arise and there are much better options available.

    If this is for the purpose of stopping consumption of this unhealthy product, then i would say no purely because there are better ways of going about. Firstly, there will be fighting and lawsuits etc by the soda companies who will claim it is their right to advertise their product - which it is. Then there will be those who try to go around the law by changing the classification of their drink from 'soda'. But mainly, this will not affect the consumption of soda in this day and age because Americans have been exposed to this idea of sugary drinks for far too long and it would take years and years for the positive effects of banning commercials to be seen. If you are wanting to decrease consumption of sodas then you need to add a tax on the drinks. The more it costs the less people are going to want to drink it.

  • I don't think so.

    There is too much censorship these days. I believe in free speech. As such I don't think it's worth inhibiting free speech for small little issues that don't really matter. Basically I think that whatever harm soda does it doesn't compare to the harm done by censoring soda commercials. Also people should be able to make their own choices about what they do with their body so long as they aren't hurting others.

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