Soda in America: Is offering smaller portions the answer to cutting back calories?

  • Reducing the Size of Soda Pop Bottles Works

    It has been proven that taking steps to control portions works with food, such as eating on a smaller plate, works well. When soda manufacturers first started distributing their product it was in much smaller amounts. As our society's desire for these drinks grew, their distribution grew to today's 3 liter bottles. It is time for us to decrease the size of our eyes when it comes to these, as well.

  • Smaller portions must mean fewer calories

    It is true to say that Americans do consume far too many calories and have been used to being offered huge portions of sodas in restaurants . Full fat sodas contain a large number of empty calories and therefore offering smaller portions of sodas could contribute to Americans eating a lower calorie diet.

  • While this may help, it is not the answer.

    Making smaller portions may help people to cut back but there is always the bigger liter size and they can simply buy several smaller ones. While sometimes people may just be too lazy to do this, people cutting on calories and cutting on soda are two different topics. They both do relate to one another but are different. To cut back on calories requires the person's effort, not the size of the meal. As for soda, in my opinion, we should not be drinking soda to begin with but that is not the point. Making soda bottles smaller will ultimately have little to no effect in the long run.

  • Offering smaller portions is not the answer to cutting back calories

    If smaller portions are offered, customers will just get a refill when they are done. I believe that if unlimited refills were not offered it would help cut back on calories. With being able to get unlimited refills a smaller portion does not help solve the problem of cutting back on calories.

  • Yes, offering smaller portions can help in cutting back calories.

    Soda drinks offered in bigger portions is a relevant factor which is helping in obesity. Providing soda drinks in smaller portions will definitely help in cutting back calories. People generally drink 3 or 4 cans of soda drinks daily to quench their thirst and also because of caffeine addiction. This has become a habit. Offering cans of soda drinks in smaller amounts will obviously decrease the actual amount of soft drink they actually drink and thus help in cutting back calories.

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