Sofia Vergara granted Walk of Fame star: Is Sofia Vergara deserving of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

  • Sofia Vergara is a smart and funny actress

    Sofia Vergara is a hilarious and funny performer who has endeared herself to the public in TV's "Modern Family". She definitely deserves a Walk of Fame star. She has shown herself to be not only beautiful, but exceptionally smart and witty. In addition to her role on Modern Family, her interviews and spots with Ellen Degeneres clearly demonstrate this!

  • Sofia Vergara is a Very Talented Actress and Deserves Her Star

    No matter what is going on in Sofia Vergara's personal life, she is a very talented actress. She has a big role in an Emmy Award winning show and is now starting her film career. She deserves to be recognized as a great actress and comedian. Sometimes people are too quick to judge a person because of controversial stories being reported.

  • It's too early.

    It's too early for her. I find it hard to believe she got a star when she hasn't been popular that long. I have seen that happen in the past few years with some younger celebrities. There are many older, long-established celebrities who don't have a star yet and are much more dserving with all their experience.

  • It's too soon for her

    Sofia Vergara is a perfectly serviceable actress but I think she's still too new to the US acting scene to warrant a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I don't think she should never receive a star but I think we should wait and see how her career fares after Modern Family ends.

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