Solar dresses: Does wearable technology have a market beyond watches and glasses?

  • Yes, wearable technology has a market beyond glasses and watches.

    Any clothing item or accessory that can absorb solar energy and create power to be used to operate electronic devices is useful. Anything that reduces our impact on the environment is a god thing, and more and more people are realizing that now. Solar dresses could potentially provide power for smartphones, or anything else that requires a battery.

  • Yoga pants plug

    Sex sell. Tech clothing will be made sexy. Sex sells and that is what it will take. The first time a dress goes from dark to almost see through it will sell. Eventually you will be able to check in to fb with your pants or tee shirt. Fashion constantly changes

  • Yes, people are always wanting the newest and greatest.

    Yes, wearable technology does have a market! Every time the new i phone comes out, no matter how good the old one is, people flock to get it. Why, because they are always wanting the latest and greatest. I don't think it is wrong for people to always want the newest, I just think that is how we are trained now. Anytime new technology has came out, people have enjoyed it and wanted it. Anything that will make life easier, people will want it. Wearable technology will make life easier and so much more fun.

  • Yes, wearable technology will go beyond glasses and watches

    Wearable technology will move beyond glasses and watches. However, I do not believe that it will successfully go to the point of dresses. I believe that the only platform within wearble technology beyond glasses and watches will only move to the point of a hat or hair accessories. I do not think that people will wear entire dresses or outfits that are technology, as they will most likely be more expensive or more unattainable.

  • Hard To See Now, But the Possibilities are Endless

    Unless you are a visionary or a futurist, it can be difficult to see the future of technology. It isn't hard to see, that solar dresses and wearable clothing has some merit. Perhaps the health and wellness area is the first step? If you are getting too much sun, maybe your technological T-shirt will tell you to get in the shade or put on some UV protection? The possibilities are endless.

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