Solar energy: Does solar energy have locational benefits?

  • Solar energy location benefits

    If you live near the equator you get enough sun light you'll need if you live in the U.K you don't good enough sun light to support your house. When you live in Canada the sun won't shine. In the coast the sun is out shining and solar panels will work.

  • Location obviously helps

    Some places get more sun than others. A set of solar panels in Arizona or Colorado is going to be able to harness more energy than a set of solar panels in London. This, along with cost, is one of the remaining barriers in the path of solar energy. Panels are getting better quickly, but there are still some places where they don't pay off.

  • Solar panels can be put anywhere

    As opposed to other energy sources which must travel long distance to reach their destination, solar panels can be put anywhere, and then their energy utilized from anywhere. The massive infrastructure currently in place would be obsolete if communities all utilized local solar panel co-ops and created more energy efficient living spaces and cities. Solar energy doesn't have to be trucked in, burned then sent hundreds of miles across power lines.

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