• Yes, solar energy is more expensive.

    Yes, solar energy is more expensive, but in the short term, not the long term. Solar energy costs thousands of dollars to install, but in the long run it saves a lot of money on utility bills, It also helps the environment. It costs more at the beginning to save you more for a long time.

  • Solar energy is more expensive immediately but overall is less expensive.

    Solar energy is more monetarily expensive immediately but is less expensive in every other resource overall. The cost to convert anything to solar power is expensive initially but will cut back on a number of other expenses, as well as eventually money, in the long run. Solar power cuts back on the use of electricity, gas, oil, and other natural resources. It also would contribute less pollution, which would decrease the cost of cleaning pollution from the air, land, water, and wildlife. Solar energy would also have less maintenance costs, as the panels used are durable once in place.

  • In the long run, solar energy is cheaper than regular electric is.

    Solar energy can ends up saving a homeowner more than 80 percent off an electric bill. However, a business or homeowner does have to put up a significant initial investment to get the solar panels and such. Fortunately, some programs are available that can help people to pay for the panels.

  • No it is not

    Solar energy is not more expensive than other fuel resources. Well, initially it might be, but in the long run it is not. In the first place you might have a solar panel fitted to your house, which can cost a lot of money ,but it pays off over time. Putting money aside, why cheapen ourr lives with fuel that is damaging our planet when we can have healthier and "cheaper" fuel for free - until the sun runs out by which time we will all be dead, right?

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