Solar energy: Is solar energy generally environmentally friendly?

  • Yes, there are no downsides.

    Yes, solar energy is environmentally friendly, because there are no significant downsides to solar energy. Solar energy saves a homeowner a great deal of money over a lifetime. Solar energy does not pollute, and it requires very little work in order to put it in place to use. Solar energy is very productive, and a very positive thing in the fight against fossil fuels.

  • Yes, solar energy is environmentally friendly.

    Solar energy is generally environmentally friendly for several reasons. It reduces the need for other energy which depletes earth's resources, such as oil and coal. By using solar energy in place of those other means of fuel, we preserve those limited resources and also halt the destruction of forests, drilling for oil and other enivronmentally harmful practices.

  • Everything has a bad point,

    The burning of fossil fuels for energy remains the world's No. 1 source of carbon dioxide emissions. Solar power is sometimes described as a zero emissions or emissions-free form of energy, and it is true that greenhouse gas emissions from solar are negligible. However, the construction of new utility scale solar energy projects is bound to result in some greenhouse gas emissions. This fact is acknowledged in the Final Environmental Impact Statement for one proposed solar farm in California. I rest my case.

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