Solar energy: Should plans to fight global warming prioritize solar energy?

  • Solar should be encouraged anyway

    No matter what the justification, solar should be encouraged. We get all the energy we could ever want every morning when the sun comes up. Rather than use up fossil fuels that we may need in the future for other products for energy, we should be utilizing the free engergy that's all around us every day.

  • The government should invest in solar energy.

    Many people are in denial.
    They don’t want to admit that global warming is a serious problem. Something must be done in order to ensure the
    safety of our future generations and decrease America’s dependence on foreign
    oil. The best solution to these problems
    is to invest as much as possible in alternative energy now. Solar energy should be at the top of the

  • The sun is the key

    The sun is the most powerful source of energy that we on earth have excess to. It is logical that we would try to tap into this source of energy as we try to become cleaner and get away from fossil fuels. We need to not only use solar energy but it needs to start with solar energy.

  • More advances are needed

    As of today solar energy is inefficient and costly. I am not against research into solar energy, however deploying a mass amount of solar panels is illogical. Other issues would be that the sun is not always shining, and the cost of storing solar energy is out of reach. More resources need to be given towards nuclear energy, especially Helium3, however this may not be possible with the cancellation of the Constellation program.

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