• YES it is an amazing idea!

    In case you haven't noticed, there are measures that have taken care of half of the cons on your side. There is glass on top that can hold over 80,000 pounds of pressure, the glass is not too expensive and has countermeasures for being wet and slippery. There are LEDs meant to replace normal street markings. And the LEDs will work even better if they are in the shade, presented by Bertie1987.

  • Don't shy from change and start up costs!

    With proper funding, start up costs can be nullified. Causing total costs to be a small fraction of proposed calculated pricing. The energy created, reduction in green house effects, and cheap maintenance are only a few reasons why this project should be given the green light. Remember, don't do it for you. Do it for what is to follow.

  • Yes, it would be better.

    It cost a lot, and I've seen reviews for ones that are made to be durable, withstand years of abuse from being driven upon. Light up to show traffic where to go, so information about highway conditions and so forth. If they get the price down and the durability up to 100 years instead of the 10 that they have now. Then yes.

  • Yes, great idea!

    Solar roadways are a good idea for the world because it will improve our future, and it will make life easier (I bet). Who doesn't like better futures? Who doesn't like easier life? This was absolutely a great idea. Improve your opinion name to "Solar roadways. Great idea?" That would help this opinion.

  • Impractical and vacuous.

    There are a few reasons why this is a bad idea:
    1. Solar panels break when you drive on them.
    2. If you are going to cover them up with something, it must be transparent or else it will block sunlight from entering the solar cells.
    3. The only materials durable to even be considered for this use are very expensive and become slippery when wet, creating possibilities for accidents. And even then wear down considerable faster than asphalt.
    4. While I'm on that, traditional road markings would cover up the solar panels, so something else must be used.
    5. How will the power generated be connected to the power grid? Wires, running the whole length of the entire road network, adding considerable expense while losing much of the power along the way, as power lines do.
    6. To make a structure to support the load that roads would be carrying, there will be more support for the covering and therefore less room for the actual solar panels, generating less power.

    This list goes on but I don't have the time to make it, but I hope you get my point: Solar roadways are a cool idea, but in reality building and maintaining a solar roadway system would be far more expensive than any money that would be made by the power generated.

  • A road is a bad place to put expensive solar cells

    It is a lot smarter to put solar cells on rooftops, directly in the sunlight and in a good angle to the sun where they can stay for 25+ years.
    Putting solar cells on roads will cause more cells in shadow, not a great angle and they won't survive 25 years.

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