• It is only fair.

    In general, Everyone has the right to be in a MATURE relationship with someone else. By that, I mean that the relationship mustn’t just be for sex or financial reasons. After all, Romantic love should NEVER have an age rating. For people who disagree, I’d like to ask them - if you had a kid in a relationship with another kid, A proper relationship, Mind you, Would you have the guts to tell them to end the relationship?

  • Relationships require maturity.

    People in relationships need to be able to put in equal effort, and each must take the other's feelings into account in discussions and decisions. Many students in middle school lack the maturity to be able to do what is necessary and what is right in a relationship. High school is also questionable, since students need to focus on education and dating can detract time from that, but if high schoolers feel they are ready to compromise and be responsible, then there should be no problem with them having a relationship.

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